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Any Eurasians in the house?

Any Eurasians in the house?

I’ve always been insecure about my penis size, and am desperate to increase it, not just to make me sexually more confident, but also to raise my self-esteem. However, I also realise that it is a long and dedicated process. There are so many scams promising you to gain 4 inches in less than 3 months. Snake-oil salesmen, to say the least. The prevalence of these type of cons serves to defame the results that can be obtained from dedication to natural PE.

I am quite mixed : Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Jewish, Italian ( in no particular order), but I look very Asian. This led to many of my peers to mock me with remarks such as “tiny Asian pee-pee” and wiggling their pinky finger whenever we were getting changed, as per the Asian penis stereotype.

Upon frequenting forums such as “Pegym” and “MattersOfSize”, it does certainly seems to be the case that there is a clear lack of Eurasians, or any other types of mixed Asians.

Could Americanasians be an acceptable alternative? :)

Originally Posted by marinera

Could Americanasians be an acceptable alternative? :)

Of course. What’s your mix, brother?

I am Italian, not much mix. :) But there are several Asian-Americans around here. Even some 100% Asians. Too few for my tastes since I like human variety, but maybe we will get a larger number of them in the future.

hey bro I’m 100% asian, I was born in thailand and now living in a neighboring country :)

hi squirrelnuts, I am also 100% Asian, which unfortunately plays right into the stereotype of being small, but I’m working to break out of it! :D

I’m half Thai, squirrelnuts. I just started length work this year after about 2 1/2 years of working on girth. I haven’t done an ‘official’ measurement in a while, but recent quickie measurements recently show me hitting the 7x6 benchmark. I seem to be a pretty easy gainer, and who knows— maybe that’s something genetic from my Thai side.

As far as small Asian penis comments are concerned, I’ve heard plenty of talk as well. I must say it’s pretty damn satisfying to know that I’m likely to be significantly bigger than any guy of any race who wants to open his mouth on the subject.

The one time I got actual confirmation of this was last year when I ended up at a party, hanging out in a hot tub with my idiot brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend. She gave a little laugh as I got out of the tub, which made me pretty self-conscious and paranoid.

I asked what was funny, she said, “Nothing, just that Tim’s a dumbass.”

“Why’s that?”

“He once told me how he felt so bad for you that you were from Taiwan.” After knowing me for 15+ years, the guy still doesn’t know the difference between Thailand and Taiwan.


“Yeah. That little pencil dick seriously needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.”


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