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Any damage with jelq

Any damage with jelq

Well, I’m gonna start with that I discovered the jelq method in a homepage called, and it was not free,hehe. Well, I have used the jelq only. First I used it with the warm up exercise with the towel for a month I think, it gained 2 cm I think, and my head got bigger too, so that’s was some nice results. But then I leaved it and didn’t use it for a many months, now it’s almost 3 years since I discovered the tecnic, and I have used it sometimes in those years and have had many big pauses, but I never used the warm up towel before the jelq exercise , but I never used the jelq tecnic for more than a month, it was periods of time only,normally 3 weeks and then a huge pause in months. Nothing has happened, it works fine, and it did grow bigger. But now I’m a little scared, could it have had some bad results in my dick that I just can’t see?I have never had problems, but I’m worried that the damage can only be seen inside?that would be very bad, could I have damaged something inside my penis that will never repair again?I hope you guys can help me, and maybe give me some examples of people that have had problems with the exercise, because I have never seen anyone with problems yet, besides one article in google when you search for “jelq is dangerous” Thanks, and I reeeally hope you can make me feel better, because I’m kinda worried, though I have no problems that my eye can see or any pain.but still.

I couldnt read it all as it all merged into one, but as far as your main concern of jelqs being dangerous, well the answer is no - if done properly and safely.

Like any exercise it can cause damage if done improperly. If you do the exercise correctly though you wont encounter many problems.

The “jelqs are dangerous” articles are generally part of “PE doesnt work” articles, so that should help ease your mind ;)

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