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Any chance of satisfying with only 4.5 girth

It’s funny that I just joined thunders after being prevented from registering for the last several months and then one of the first threads I come across is yours.

You have almost the exact same measurements as I am naturally and I have never had a problem satisfying a woman. I am also in my early 20s, so I know how you feel. I went through the same thing, but it isn’t worth pining over. Your equipment is perfectly capable.

My current measurements are 6.375 bpel x 4.75 mseg, but even with my natural 4.5 mseg, my girlfriend of 3 years on and off has always cum before me - usually multiple times. I must say though, I think that for women, a good portion of the pleasure comes from their feeling of a passionate connection with you. Also, after being with my girl for this long, I’ve noticed that if she doesn’t move/work with me a little bit, it’s much harder to make it happen for her.

Tl;dr - you’re perfectly normal and capable, so don’t sweat it

I came to PE with a 6 inch length, and a 5 inch girth, just a bit to the largeish side of average. I’m now 7 inches by 5 1/2” MSG. But I just went and drug out my cloth/soft tape measure. I measured the length from the crease where my fingers join my palm, to the tips of my fingers. It was 3 inches long. I then measured the circumference around my middle and ring finger when they are right next to each other. It measured exactly 4 inches around. I can make my girl cum harder with those two fingers slipped inside her than I can with a penis that is pretty much twice the size. And to be truthful, I’ve made her her cum with just one finger. Do you think lesbians worry about size? Of course not.

^ +1

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I give my girl as much orgasms with my cock (4.5 girth) as I want to. The lucky bitch.

The key to that is; I completely own her, mentally and physically.

I know how you feel and I’m worse off in the girth department than you. I’ll tell you what, though, quitting porn has changed my views on a lot of things. Before, when I was a habitual porn user growing up, I always loved and felt gratitude/true happiness for any and every couple I came across.

Now, I just get jealous, sad, depressed, angry, and confused inside thinking “why don’t I have that”? Every forum I go to, there’s just story after story of every member getting laid weekly (some even in this thread) and I don’t understand how or what it is that’s preventing me from having the same. I am shy/have social anxiety so I understand that plays a role in it, but the way people talk about that it’s as if shyness/approach anxiety/social anxiety is the ONLY thing preventing me from having the same, when I’m sure it’s not.

Oh well, good luck to you in getting the penis you’ve always wanted!

"There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Originally Posted by Specialities

I am shy/have social anxiety so I understand that plays a role in it, but the way people talk about that it’s as if shyness/approach anxiety/social anxiety is the ONLY thing preventing me from having the same, when I’m sure it’s not.

You’re sure it’s not? OK, then get rid of your shyness/approach anxiety/social anxiety and see.

My advice hook up with a couple of the baddest escorts money can buy. After that experience talking to the average girl will be nothing to you. You will look at them like you had better and that will make you more confident with the ladies at the end of the day. It worked for me when I was 17 I been fucking every sexy thing in a pair of pumps since. I use to be intimidated by beautiful before that. I had a problem with rejection so my standards wasn’t very high. When you approach a woman and you got that swag like you had better. Women notice that, if your sweating them or act like you never been with someone on their level their going to clown you. I seen it plenty of times.

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Hey we have the exact same girth so I understand your insecurities your experiencing. I use to think I had a needledick for a while until I made my current girlfriend climax over and over every time. She just drips everywhere after we are done and a lot of the time I don’t even get to finish ;)

Originally Posted by VeinGain
At 6 inches BPEL by 4.5 girth my dick is obviously fairly pathetic, well at least the girth anyway. I’ve been doing newbie routine for 3 weeks now which I’m optimistic about considering others have had incredible gains. I’m very determined to gain but aware that it could be a long way off until my tool is something to feel OK about.

The real question is to other guys that started at 4.5 girth or somewhere close, and to how this went down with the ladies?

At nearly 20 despite having other things going for me, and having been told I’m good looking quite a few times, I remain a virgin due to this major insecurity.

Everything I read on women’s forums, the internet, overhearing girls talking, only justify my fears further with constant emphasis on importance of girth.

It would be great to hear from other guys with similar dimensions as I don’t know whether to just wait until gains, as the thought of being told I’m unsatisfactory and inadequate down there would destroy me.

Sorry for the rant but you can’t exactly talk to your friends about this sort of thing and thunders seems a very supportive community.

Erection Quality & Stamina & Adequate Foreplay can be far more effective in pleasing a woman than sheer girth alone. Try developing all aspects of your love game and don’t over-emphasize just one area (i.e. size).

S.O. at P.B.

I started out at 4.5 girth. My wife will attest that I was MORE than capable of giving her multiple orgasms. One time she and I watched this show about women that have constant arousal syndrome. One women said she had 100 orgasms a day, most all of them self induced. This sounded like a challenge to me so one Saturday we set out to achieve 100 orgasms in a 24 hour period. While we did not achieve 100, we did get to 65, with less than 15 coming by way of oral sex (she gets REALLY sensitive when she has orgasms from oral sex. It took an entire 24 hours and we did sleep some. This was a woman who when she and I started having sex could not have more than 2 in a single love making session. It’s not as if you are going at it with a No. 2 pencil. Don’t have a complex about it or it will invade your brain and affect your performance. Go forth and make’em cum!

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Same here. I’m 4.75” and my wife cums more often than not. Don’t sweat it. You’ve got plenty enough to make a girl moan. Don’t ever let size stop you. Would you turn down Katy Perry if you knew she had a cow pussy? Didn’t think so. And girls won’t turn you down because you have average girth.

Start 01/03/2012: BPEL 5.5" EG 4.75"

1st Goal: BPEL 6.5" EG 5.0"

Current: BPEL 6.625" EG 4.85" from the Linear Newbie Routine

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What? Katy Perry has a cow pussy? Damn! I wouldn’t turn her down though.

If you don’t think 4.5 inches is “adequate”, feel free to buy a dildo with a comparable size in girth, lube it up, and shove it into your own asshole. Don’t worry, she’ll still know it’s in. If you’ve done your job right, she’s already climaxed once at least before you even put it in. I don’t think she will complain, unless your lack of confidence shows through.

I have not read the other posts, but how sexy you are and how much turned on a women becomes does NOT depend on your penis, it depends on your behaviour! Do you think a women prefer a shy guy with a large penis or the motherfucking alpha caveman with a smaller unit?

Originally Posted by Pillars
I give my girl as much orgasms with my cock (4.5 girth) as I want to. The lucky bitch.

The key to that is; I completely own her, mentally and physically.



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