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Any body in here With low LOT gained

Any body in here With low LOT gained

Just curious if anybody with Low LOT has gained good?? HOW. That also really sux that After girth length is really hard to get, But why?

Yes, a lot of guys with low LOT have gained good. How? Gaining depend of each individuality. My suggestion is not be concerned about LOT if you are making newbie routine (manual exercise). More involve in LOT theory are the hangers.
Regarding second question, is more difficult to elongate something thick, isn’t it ?


My LOT is between 6 and 7 and I have had very good gains. :) Stick with the basic routine and you will get results.

Now how did the word “sux” get past that spell checker lilshadow?

Use LOT as a guide, NOT a rule. Focus on stretching toward your LOT, but don’t exclusively stretch toward your LOT. You can most definitely gain with a low LOT. However, stretching the tunica takes more effort than stretching the ligs, so it will take longer to gain the same amount. Stay patient and stretch at high angles (but don’t totally neglect low angles).


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