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Any bets.

Any bets.

My BPEL is 7” and my thickness is 6.5” around at the base.. I’m about 5’9, 180. Any bets what I can become realistically? Or at least, how can I calculate my maximum length and thickness if at all..


I will bet you can make a lot of girls happy with what you got.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

I would like it to be like a 9 long and 8 around.

I’m not going to criticize your goals, I just want you to realize that with 8 inches of girth the girls that you can be with will be far and few between. As far as reaching your goals goes, With proper technique and enough time, absolutely possible

Lol, hope you don’t have an anal fetish or you are done for.

Anal !! Forget head!! You will never get that in a girls mouth, so no anal, no head and not many vaginas that will contain that 8 inches round, you may as well chop it off now :-) only kidding, just keep in mind that a beer bottle is only about 6.75” around the base, just go and put one in your mouth and see if you think a girl can do the same with 8” and then you can work out a girth goal that will not cause you sex life any problems..

By the way I think 9x 6-6.5 is Phatt it will feel like a huge cucumber in your hands.

Well, if I really want to get my money back on this bet, I would put my money on 7.1” * 6.5” and then you give up. And that goes in line with your alias nicely.
But if you are really lucky, you could hope for 8.5” * 7” but without knowing your personality I wouldn’t put $10 on it :-)

Sorry to be so cynical, but it is the truth and I am in a really lousy mood today.


I will start trying this out in May or so.I’ll look at what works on here based on others reports. A half an inch gain doesn’t mean much though in my opinion because a half an inch can be explained many ways. An inch or inch and a half gain I think would be something to inquire on.

Even if I can get it to 9x7 I’d be happy. Doesn’t have to be 9x8. I would like mine to be a 9 because you can’t really argue with a 9 :p

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