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Any advice on how to eliminate turtling

Any advice on how to eliminate turtling

Well thanks to this forum I went from 4.7 Bone Press EL to 5.5 in a few months but I can’t seem to see a difference on flacid size
And my penis seem to turtle once in a while any adivce guys?


First off, congratulations on your gains! Any improvement is cause to celebrate!

Before PE, I turtled constantly. Now it only happens once in a while, and I hate it when it does so I will pull on it a little or fowfer a bit. If it still insists on turtling then I assume it needs the rest and I let it go.

Everyone in PE is different, but I think over time you will see a difference in flaccid behavior. If you want to intentionally work on it, do lots and lots of fowfers. You can also buy an anti-turtle sleeve, but I have no idea if they actually do anything.

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Don’t drink caffeine. This causes extreme turtling…Well I guess it depends on the amount. Energy drinks get me good.

I’ve never ever been able to determine what exactly causes my dick to turtle. It’s so random at times. There are days I’m sitting at work and notice when I get up that my flaccid is hanging nicely. Other days I wonder why it’s turtling (no change in temperature or mood). Sometimes when it does turtle hard, I’ll go to restroom and give it a good soft stretch, which helps alleviate turtling a little bit. I suspect that with continued PE like you are doing, you will get less and less turtling, wish you luck!

S.O. at P.B.

Thanks for the advice guys by the way what’s fowfers?

Here you are, wonder2pac:

Fowfer: A fowfer stretch is accomplished by pulling the penis through the legs and either between the buttocks or under one, and then sitting on the penis. When done properly, an intense and painless stretch should be felt.

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Search for “bed fowfers”.

regards, mgus

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Thanks dudes

Originally Posted by wonder2pac
Well thanks to this forum I went from 4.7 Bone Press EL to 5.5 in a few months but I can’t seem to see a difference on flacid size
And my penis seem to turtle once in a while any adivce guys?


I will pull up fowfers and bed fowfers for you.

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Have you tried hanging or ADS yet? Generally with PE you’ll see flacid gains first, before erect gains, but not always. I read somewhere your flacid stretched length will never get more than 1.5” ahead of your erect length— confirm/ deny

I have an anti turtle sleeve but haven’t put it to work yet. I notice less turtling since starting PE. I’m wondering what experience others have had with anti-turtle sleeves like the one from Autoextender found here: . That’s the one I purchased. I just really like the idea of keeping some length with some extreamly light stretching while the tissue repairs between routines. It just makes sense to me that it would result in faster gains.

Although, since I’m a newb I don’t know a ton about the ADS (all day stretcher). I got the turtle sleeve before I read much about ADS. That product seems to be a good buy because you can create a light stretch or a stronger stretch and still be very concealed. So I’m wondering if I should have gone with an ADS rather than just an anti-turtle sleeve.

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