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Any Advice Fellas

Any Advice Fellas

Hey guys,

New guy here. It’s nice be part of this forum!

My history: 4 Months Jelqing, no gains. 6 weeks ADS, no gains. Had to stop for awhile because I was losing sensitivity.

Current: Hanging for 6 Weeks, 5-8 sets of 20 minutes/day between 15-10 lbs BTW. Jelqing 20 min EOD. Occasionally I’ll throw on the ADS for a couple hours. Still no gains.

Any suggestions?

6 weeks on ADS serves to nothing. 6 weeks on hanging isn’t that much also. You are changing too much without being consistent on any specific technique.

I suggest the newbie routine, start a progress thread and see what happens.

Welcome and good luck.

I should have mentioned that during the 4 months of jelqing I also did warm-ups and manual stretches.

How about your PI’s?

That’s a good question. My best PI’s occur when I begin a new PE technique, but start to wane as my penis adapts to the change. I have had fantastic PI’s when I have mixed hanging with ADS, however, after three days of using them back-to-back my PI’s turn negative. I may try to work out a routine of hanging and ADS based on my PI results and try to set a proper amount of time with each using hanging as my primary exercise with an ADS as an adjunct. Then I would cut out the jelqing altogether.

You did too much, that’s your problem. I suggest you take a month off (yes, I know this doesn’t sound good), then start with the linear newbie routine. This is also a good reading:

Is LESS more, or is MORE more?

Thank you for the link. It is a good read.

I can’t stop now though. I have been using a Bib hanger and applying his program for the last 6 weeks 2-3 hours every day. I need to give his program it’s full chance. I’m going to put in at least another 3 months. If I don’t improve then I will probably take time off and start a new program.

Be aware that hanging makes tissues harder to deform - after that, it’s unlikely that anything else will work for a long time.

Anyway, good luck.

Ironically, from my point of view, after I posted my last post I hung for about 25 minutes, 5 minutes more than usual and my tunica turned to tree bark. Today I skipped the morning’s and afternoon hanging sessions and my dick is feeling fuller and hanging longer at flaccid state. I’m going to take some time off. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I start up again.jelqing and manual stretching didn’t work for me and I started slowly last time so I am reluctant to put any more time into a newbie routine.I may give it a month or I may start hanging again at lower weights and shorter time periods and this time increase weight and number of sets extremely slowly.

Or instead of increasing reps and weights you should go to the opposite direction since heavy training won’t work. Maybe a very very light JAI-stretch

Routine. Only 12 reps on every direction and rest every other day. That might fool your body, worked for me. Try it.

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