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any advice after first 2 workouts?

any advice after first 2 workouts?

Howdy all,

First i’d like to say that for the past few years, i’ve been rather curious on how to make my cock bigger, as every guy is. I’ve tried the so-called “miracle pill” Vig RX i believe, which was a crock of shit.. then i found this little gem of a site on a whim, which i must say is VERY informative - thanks for sharing guys, and thank you Thunder for having us..

I consider myself more of a logical thinker, and the exercises and views being shared - honestly, just make sense.. i’m now a believer =)

So i’ve been reading through the various post’s here on the site for the past few days and have been doing different exercises the past 2 days and would like a bit of guidance. so far this is what i’ve been doing:

- take a warm shower to do the warm up.

- get a good “Okay” grip on my glans and then pull outwards, downwards, upwards, left and right - each position, holding for 10 seconds. (2 sets)

- get about a 70% erection, get the “Okay” grip at the base of my cock, Kegal flex and tighten grip to not let any blood out, and then do 1 to 2 second strokes all the way up to the glans. (try to get 100 jelq’s in, but sometimes i have trouble keeping the erection above 50%)

- and my final step is similar to my jelq description above - 70% erection, get the okay grip, kegel flex, tighten grip and then hold my grip for about 10 seconds - then finish it off with a jelq.. (been getting about 20 of those in, but again, having trouble keeping the erection above 50%)

my final step was inspired by the “Uli” method, as i’m interested in gaining girth. after recently measuring, i’m at 6.5” BPEL and 4.5” girth.. so my main goal is to get my girth above 5” and then work from there..

again, these are just my initial steps from a culmination of all the awesome info posted here, and before taking flight with these steps i’m looking for a bit more guidance.. if i should be focusing more on step than the other, and such.. thanks alot, fellas.. i’m happy to be here.. =)

First off - welcome

Yea this is a great site with a lot of useful information and helpful and motivating people.

You say you’ve been reading here so I guess you have already read the newbie forum and tutorials, if not this is where I would suggest you go first.

Are you just interested in girth or do you want length also?

Many feel that if you want both and you are going to concentrate on one at a time then you should go for length first. My routine consists of both types and I seem to get slow but steady gains of each.

You are wise to start off easy as you are and work your way into it. Although I see you are already doing Ulis or some variation of, if you decide to start these this early it’s up to you but be careful.

It seems we all respond differently to different exercises. and intensity and length of workouts. So when you try something new give it time and perhaps start easy and work your way into it.

Remember this takes a lot of time for most, some don’t even see results for several months are longer so don’t give up. (of course there are those bastards who gain a lot right from the beginning).

Most people who are really consistent seem to do well (like anything else)

Good luck with your gains and read as much as you can.

going for girth..

Thanks for the input Goingforit.. however, I must say that i’m definitely concerned with overdoing it at first, so i’m being rather careful.. cock could be 9x6.5, but if the damn thing dont work then what good is it? hehe..

I’m happy with my BPEL at the moment, my main goal for the time being is Girth.. I’ve read that some people recommend going for length at first, and then I’ve also read that when some people work on their Girth they also gain length as well.. but like everyone say’s, different exercises work for different people.. so i’ll try a few things out and see what works for me..

while working on my exercises this morning, I started modifying my technique a bit.. looked kinda like this:

- took a hot shower and let my member warm up

- stretched each way, 10 second holds, and 3 sets

- worked myself up to about a 90% erection, and then got a good overhand grip at the base, kegel’d till my cock was pretty full of blood, and then held a pretty mean squeeze for about 10 seconds.. I did about 20 of those

I’m hoping that someone with some experience focusing primarily on Girth will be able to shed some light on my technique, and possibly give a few pointers to maximize my workouts.. thanks again, fellas

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