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Any advantage of measuring BP method vs. BPFSL

Any advantage of measuring BP method vs. BPFSL

Is there any advantage? Is one easier/more accurate? Or just preference?

Both are easy, why not do both ways? :)

BPEL vs BPFSL? Well, they are really measuring two different things. Keep in mind that many peoples’ BPFSL is different from their BPEL, often longer. So you may see some gains in BPFSL, while nothing in BPEL, which is what really matters (actually NBP is what really matters). Imo, get as many measurements as you can get your hands on. There is atleast one theory, the TGC theory, which analyzes the difference between BPEL and BPFSL and suggests how to change your routine accordingly. You may want to read up on it. Anyway, don’t measure too often (maybe once a month), but measure all that you can when you do.

If your BPEL is equal to your BPFSL, then it is unlikely to stay that way for long once you start PE. Generally the BPFSL starts to outpace the BPEL. In my case, BPFSL was growing at twice the rate of BPFSL. There is a lot of discussion on the forum regarding the theory that the ratio between the two might be an indicator of what factors may be limiting growth.

See: Your Secret To Gaining - Focus On What’s Holding You Back and EIM (Elasticity Index Meter).

In any case, I recommend you track both. You may decide, given the difficulty of always attaining your max BPEL, that BPFSL will give you an indication of your growth and allow you to measure BPEL less often, even if it isn’t a direct relationship. I think mbuc and mgus have done this, among others.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

Ok I measured BPFSL and it’s 7 10/16 as opposed to 7 11/16 BPEL

Tanks for that link, ill be sure to read it :)

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