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Another stretch question

Another stretch question

OK, so if I take my flaccid wiener, and stretch it around my wrist up,down,side to side will that be a good tunica stretch?

I’m a definite newbie, but from what I’ve read if you stretch it over your wrist/some other object it will target the tunica more than if you just hold onto the glans and pull. Doing the latter will target the ligaments at the base of your cock.

This is called the v stretch, inverted v stretch or a stretch, depending on the exact way and material you use, which is a good idea to add to your routine if you are advanced in PE. According to your join date you are not advanced but still a newbie. Be a wise man and start with the newbie routine and stick with it. Then add v-stretches to your routine.

So this is good for tunica right?
To Bird: I already did the newbie routine, gained like an inch, not certain how much. Newbie routine (targeting ligaments) doesn’t give me gains anymore.

I got this question because in the manual pictures it shows the guy using his fingers, but just using a finger or two on one part of my dick seems like it’s putting uneven pressure. But if I stretch it all around my wrist it seems more even.

Patience grasshopper, gains aren’t going to occur overnight. This isn’t magic, stick with the newbie routine like Bird suggested so that the risk of injury is lessened dramatically. Getting hurt will really put the brakes on PE.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

My patience went out the window when I stopped seeing gains with the newbie routine. I’m new to Thunders but I am familiar with PE for a year now.

Hi Headtrauma

Check out the video clips on this site. There are videos demonstrating the V-stretch and several variations.

Penis Enlargement Videos


Originally Posted by Headtrauma
I’m new to Thunders but I am familiar with PE for a year now.


Using the wrist for pressure is a good idea. This is more balanced than your fingers like you said. Take a look at the video series for a proper demonstration, the link can be found in the post Braingasm posted.

ALRIGHT! :) Thanks people.

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