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Another Size Survey By Women


Stripper web? Oh fucking lord.

What should we discuss first: the bias of the forum, the girls that post in it, or the fact that there are only length measurements in the choices?

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Actually the comments are fairly encouraging. Most seem to suggest that they prefer between 6 and 7 with some girth.

Let’s talk about the forum bias. Are you saying that strippers are more likely to be size queens?

We have had links to Stripper web before.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

From one of their members: “i say 7 1/2 because it’s in between big and average. “

Hah. Between big and average. Apparently 8 inches of length is average.

It’s funny how 24 people said they prefer penises 11 inches or above..

Originally Posted by MTGXerxes
From one of their members: “i say 7 1/2 because it’s in between big and average. “

Hah. Between big and average. Apparently 8 inches of length is average.

I think you misunderstood her. That’s not what she’s saying at all. If 8” was average and she liked them in between big and average then she would have chosen something over 8”. Apparently she’s saying 8” is large and she prefers something between that and average.

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I also noticed that while the POLL responses have the most number of responces at 7, with about equal responses at 6 and 8, if you read all the posts themselves, almost everyone is SAYING 7+, 8+

Apparently the size queens (or the girls with false perspective) just aren’t voting.
I like some of the replies on here though, they’re likely talking in NBP and excluding fat pad—-therefore making everything even larger than what they’re proclaiming, but since it seems women on average are way off, they’re likely closer to home than we all think.

I remember reading one thread somewhere about volume, and how a 6x5 is less than half the volume of an 8x6, to them it will FEEL like double the size, and they’ll just think “Oh he was 5 or six inches, so this guy is surely 10 or 11!” and I thought that was a very interesting and curious point. Women may generally be comparing with just the wrong units of measurement.

I dunno, I’m just hypothesizing. When you’re as small as 6x4.5 like me you need to pretend it doesn’t matter and justify the ways you tell yourself everyone else is incorrectly classed larger than they are. (not to mention round up on yourself, and round down on others….not that I do that!) >_>

Originally Posted by MTGXerxes
Apparently 8 inches of length is average.


Her perception is that 7 1/2” is in between big and average.

If 8” is bigger than 7 1/12” (and it is), 8” can't be average - even according to her.

However, we know from a variety of medical data available here: Penis Size: The True Average that, in fact, 7” or above is large, and 7 1/2” is unusually large.

There are degrees of this of course, but it would be a mistake to take this discussion without a huge grain of salt.

For example: 11”? Please.

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Yeah I guess I did put that incorrectly….

Bah. Well then to her 7 is average, which still makes me feel like crap. Sure I know I’m “average” at 6 (but with below average girth) and it sure looks/feels small.

I dunno, I guess this is the problem always comparing myself to the best in everything. I’d compete for highest grades, compete in the top sports leagues I could, compare myself to the strongest and fastest and best….everything “Average” to me feels inferior. 5’10” sure looks short, 6x4.5 sure looks small, and so on.

Stripperweb is a thing of beauty— don’t fuck with them ;)

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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
If 8” is bigger than 7 1/12” (and it is), 8” can't be average - even according to her.


Love you Hap!

"Debate the idea..."

I’m gonna go ahead and say this - “there are no 11” dicks out there.” Sincerely, I believe this. Outside of disease (elephantiasis, priapism) or some genetic defect, dicks just don’t get that big; the reason dicks don’t get that big is that they probably would not function. When woman start spouting off about ten or eleven inches, I just stop listening, cause anything else will be colored with that bullshit.

That said, why do we need another survey? We all pretty much know what we’re after, and - within reason - we’re all just trying to get as big possible, so why do we care what some deluded strippers think?

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

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