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Another quick question on Jelq Technique..

Another quick question on Jelq Technique..

I’m going on a month of starting PE and I still don’t have the jelqing technique down it seems. Right now I’m wet jelqing since I’m cut and a newbie but unfortunately I just have no indications of me doing it right. After my workout (200-300ish jelqs) I really don’t look much plumper at all and don’t have anything that would resemble the donut effect at the glans(is this only from dry jelqing?).

Anyways I’ll try and explain my routine so hopefully someone can enlighten me, I know it’s hard to paint a vivid image through words but I do everything perfect in the video and don’t have any of the after-effects that others proclaim they have.

Warm-up 5mins
Stretching (manual + v-stretches) - 10mins
Jelqing (200-300 Jelqs) — I use emu oil for lubrication. I start at the base, working my 1st hand that’s in an OK grip slowly (3-5sec) up the shaft until I hit the rim of the glans, pause for 1-2 seconds, then begin working my 2nd hand up the shaft in the same manner. When my hand that I’m not jelqing with is resting on the base waiting for my other hand to finish working up the shaft, should I be squeezing lightly with that hand to “balloon the penis?”
Warm-down 5mins + 50 Kegels

Thanks guys, just wanted to double check and make sure I was doing everything proper. I’ve done my fair share of reading on here but starting to get worrisome since I’m not noticing the after-effects that other users are.

I dont have any donut effect either. Only thing I get is a little bigger flaccid penis after jelq. It´s like after ejaculating and then it goes away.

RIght now I think I have overtrained because my EQ has gone down. Should take rest a couple of days.

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Current: BPEL = 6.9 EG = 4.7 EGB = 4.9

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Busted. The guy that started this thread had hacked into gapinga’s account. Account restored to rightful owner.

I hope. :D

Probably a few other posts by the hacker here too. If it is a post asking a newbie type question it is probably the hacker.

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