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Another newbie with big dreams

Another newbie with big dreams

Hey. As most newbies notice, it’s hard to come here with questions that haven’t already been answered. So instead of asking a question I guess I’m just here to introduce myself.

I’m a 20ish college kid, philosophy major. (One thing you’ll learn from philosophy is that one way to view the meaning of life is to be happy. And well, even if penis size stigma is just a psychological issue or whatever, if there’s a way to make myself happier, then I should grab it, right? So here I am, ready to go for it.)

I’ve been toying around with the newbie routine. It’s kinda hard to keep up a daily schedule for it, but I’m sure I’ll adjust and make it part of my day.

I suppose one question I have is this. As a guy who lives with two other guys, the shower is really one of the only private places/times I have. So it makes sense to do my PE there. Makes it easy to do heat wraps and wet jelqs, but stretching is a bit of a problem. I can stretch in a dry environment just fine. So will I get the same results even if I’m stretching and jelqing at the same time? Can I just stretch sometime after I get out?

Thanks in advance and I’m glad this place exists. I think it could do the world some good.

Hey man, you a Buckeye?! Can’t answer your question but I wanna wish you the best of luck. Stay positive, and I hope you get hung soon! I’m a young newbie myself, 22, just outta Cal. Yup, GO BEARS. Maybe we’ll meet in the NCG this season? :)


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