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Another Newbie Thread

Another Newbie Thread

Hey Newbie here!

First off id like to apologize for for another newbie thread consisting of stuff you guys have answered over and over! But here it goes.

So a little about me. I’m 18, and I’m a really quiet/ shy and self conscious person. But anyways for the past couple years I’ve been reading up on PE but haven’t had the motivation to follow through with it :( I come here today obviously asking for advice for enlarging my member haha.

Lets get down to the business. About my member:

Roughly 7” length and 4.6” girth.
Curvature and twist downward to the left. (Right chamber seems to be fuller and longer)

My main concerns are the girth and curvature. My goal is around 8-9” in length and 6-6.5” in girth.

So could someone give me routines that are the most efficient to your knowledge to increase mainly girth and “cure” the curvature? I am aware of the Newbie Routine, but was wondering if there is something more efficient that was discovered, and what to do after the newbie routine.

**Over view**
Current: 7x4.6 roughly
Goal: 8-9” x 6-6.5”

Main Concerns/ Wants:

“Cure” of Curvature
Efficient Routines to follow
Estimated time my goal would take (I know everyone is different)

Well that’s about all that comes to mind, sorry if it was confusing to read, and Thanks for your time!

Hi and welcome.

Start with the newbie routine, tried and true, stick with that until you notice no gains. As far as the curve goes, try jelqing against the curve (someone else can explain that one better.

How long???? Good question, depends on you and how consistent you are in doing the exercises. Trust me when I say it isn’t going to be overnight but should be less than 10 years :)

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Hi Anonymous I’ve read on a site can’t remember which one and was a while back, that excessive masturbation may the cause for a slight curvature to the penis. I also had a slight curvature to mine and found that doing jelqs with my non dominate hand or the one I don’t masturbate with has helped to start straighting this curve. Also many here at thunders place seem to believe that stretching against the curve will to straighten it. Hope this helps

(Beginning 1/17/11): 6 3/4" (bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

(Short Term Goal): 7 1/2"(bpel) 6" (eg) (5/22/11) 7"(bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

Welcome to the forum.

Do the Newbie routine after carefully reading the warnings and familiarizing yourself with the exercises and procedures. Be careful.

Get accurate measurements or you won’t know if you’ve made actual gains or not. Maybe take some pics even if you don’t post them, yet. Pictures are a nice reminder and motivator.

Good luck and good gains!

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First, find a good urologist and make sure there is nothing major wrong with your penis. See,if possible,is this a genetic condition, do other male members in your family have the same curve. Check yourself for any hard tissue when you are flaccid. If so, you may have other issues that penis manipulation could actually make worse. Is the curve always been there ? Did the curve happen suddenly like in a few days or weeks? You really need to see a doctor before you do any PE regiments whether it be by hand or by stretching devices. Google Peyronies desease to see pictures of curved, twisted and bent penises. If yours looks similar to these then get yourself too a urologist quickly.

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