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Another newbie, routine critique and hello

Another newbie, routine critique and hello

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking for a while before and am really impressed at the honesty and support on this forum. I started about 6 weeks ago, taking days off “when it feels too sore”, and have never gone >5 days in a row. The routine I’ve been doing is:

5 min warm-up w/rice sock
3 sets each of stretches straight up, out, V-stretches, and BTC (30 sec each) … I also stretch to right and left w/ each, except the V’s
3 minutes inverted V
20 min jelq (started at 10 minutes and have gradually worked up)
5 min warm-down w/ rice sock
5 30 sec kegels

Is this too much? Usually takes almost an hour. No girth gains, which is what I’m REALLY concerned about. BPEL gain of nearly 0.25”, with improved vascularity. Right now I think I’ll have to take the next few days off due to soreness (overdid it w/ jelqing at about 80-90%), but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for your advice, and for being (what certainly appears to be) a great group!

It is to much, start with the newbie routine which exist for a reason. Success on your PE journey.


Thanks for your quick reply. I want to clarify that I have NOT been doing this routine since day 1 (that would be barbaric). I have gradually been adding more stretches and jelqing minutes since the beginning of March.

Would you recommend starting off with a “clean slate” (ie. As if I had never attempted PE), and continue for 3 months, or to back off to the newbie routine for the next 6 weeks before incorporating more advanced techniques? I’m only asking this because I’ve read many posts about not bringing something else (eg. Horses, Uli’s, etc.) into one’s routine for at least 3 months, after a period of “conditioning”, especially if gains (however small) aren’t realized. Thanks again.

Use the newbie routine the upcoming 3 months. You have one cock, use it wisely.


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