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Another Newbie Introducing Himself

Another Newbie Introducing Himself

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m 20 years old and I stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago. I have always been interested in doing PE since I was 18 but I never really bothered with it. I was afraid it was going into interfere with my natural growth. Now I’m wishing I would have started back then. I’m pretty satisfied with my dick size now, it’s nothing extraordinary just an average BPEL: 6.5 and EG: 5.5.

I’m aiming for 8x6 however that could all change depending on my gains so I’m trying not to make a set goal. To be honest I’d be happy with an inch gain in length and maybe a bit more in girth. I’m starting off with a slow and steady routine. I found that the newbie routine for Jelqs just seemed like a bit too much for me right now so I want to ease into it.

Also I just wanted to say thanks to Thunder and everyone else in the forum that puts their time, effort and energy into this. I, and I’m sure many others, really appreciate it.


Modify the Newbie routine to fit your needs for now. Eventually you will be able to perform the routine as designed. Just remember, your penis is learning the difference between work time (PE) and play time (masturbation—and before you ask, no it doesn’t hinder gains). You have the right mind set of slow and steady, that is what prevents injuries.

Once again, welcome.

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Good luck sir I’m new as well and hope all goes well

BPEL: 6.5 and EG: 5.5. is where I started and is actually way above average.


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Originally Posted by iamaru




I tripple that Uh-huh! Great starting stats.

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5.5 is a great girth!

Wow, really? This whole time I thought I was pretty average, that’s a nice boost for my confidence :)

Thanks for the welcome!

Yes, welcome. I’m pretty new to this too, but you have a great starting point, all sounds good. All the best with your goals and gains. There’s lots of good advice and help here. Slowly and surely should get us there.

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