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Another newbie here...

Another newbie here...

Hello everyone,

I’ve been lurking around here for some time now, I figured it was about time I posted here. I’ve been reading all the posts here and I have to say that this forum is full of great people. Anyways, I think we all know why I’m here. There’s no real story that motivated me to PE ( well my ex told me she was with a bigger guy, but no real big deal I guess), but I realized that I needed to improve many areas of my life: my intellect, my motivation, insecurities about myself and yes, females ;)

So for my first post, I’ll propose a question (an odd one at that). I donated blood for the first time today. Would you think that doing PE exercises would be a bad idea? Sorry for such a crazy question.

Anyways, hope this post finds everyone in good spirit,

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.
As far as doing PE after giving blood, unless you’ve already got an 8 x 6 plus cock, I wouldn’t sweat it.
Your body will be manufacturing blood as fast as it can to replace the blood you have donated anyway.

My only other advice (and I’m sorry I didn’t do this myself) would be to take accurate measurements of your dick as well as photos if you can so you can one day look back in astonishment at the little dick you once had Pre-PE compared to the trouser snake you have Post-PE:)

Thanks for your comment. I don’t have an 8 x 6 monster (yet anyways), but I am little above average (6.75 x 4.75 or so). I’ll definitly take your advice about taking pictures.


Congrats on coming out of Lurkerland! And I don’t think doing PE exercises would be bad after donating blood. Although, I’d probably be napping.

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