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Another new member

Another new member

Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself. Ive been lurking on this site for a month, and I think I am ready to start PE.

By the way, my english is not very good so sorry about it. :p (im french)

My current stats are : 6.7” BPEL and about 4.4”-4.5” EG … Needless to say, I’m not satisfied with my girth and intend to focus mainly on it. I know however that I must start with a newbie routine, so I guess I’ll start with light jelqing and kegels.

This seems to be a great site, and even though im a little skeptical, I am ready to PE seriously.
Don’t know if its realistic but my goal is : 7.5” x 5.5”

Welcome John7!

Your English seems fine to me.

Scepticism is always good, but I’m sure you will become a believer very soon!

I’d say that your goal is not only realistic, it is also quite modest, especially when you consider your starting length.

Good luck and happy gaining!

Hi John,

Welcome to the gang. I’m sure you’ll find us very helpful, although, slightly looney at times.

As for your goals, I have made the length gains that you want in about 3 months (6.4-7.2), although I am currently focusing on length, so my girth gains have been slower.

With PE you only get out what you put in and some people are luckier than others. So stick with the newbie routine, add a few extra minutes a week and before long you’ll be seeing gains. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you get stuck, but do a quick search to make sure the question hasn’t been asked before.

Good luck.


Welcome to the forum john7grains..
Guess we both are in the same position here, i’ve also been lurking for a while and being skeptical too, especially since the medias here in sweden
claims that there is no way of getting your penis larger without surgery (which only will improve your flaccid size)

But then again, would thousands of guys here at thunders just sit and discuss bullshit all day long? It doesn’t make any sense.
Reading success stories and looking at your pics keeps me motivated. Not to mention the great support from the forum.
Oh, looks like it’s time for my daily routine..:)
Good luck with your gains!

BPEL Starting PE Jan 2009@7.1*5.3 (18*13.5 cm)

Current: 20th March 2009: 7.4*5.6 (18.7* 14.4 cm)

Realistic goal 2010-11: 8*6 (20*15.2 cm) --- Dream goal: 8.5"*6.3" (21.5*16 cm)


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