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Another New Guy

Another New Guy

Hey everyone

I am new and this is my first time on one of this forums. Normally I wouldn’t touch one of these sites and I mean like most men I am uncomfortable talking about this kind of stuff, but I figured what the hell, if it’s legit I will try it. And just figuring out whats going on. It’s not that I think I am small, 7.0 inches EL 5.8inches EG, but I do want to be bigger. I don’t want to spend any money cause there are so many damn scams out there. But if anyone knows any safe way which I can “start” with so to speak and see if I get results, please let me know. Thanks

~I used to feel bad about having no shoes, until I met a man with no feet. So I took his shoes~

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The newbie routine is a great way to start off PE. Welcome and good luck Lodovico.

Thank you random giant I will check it out.

~I used to feel bad about having no shoes, until I met a man with no feet. So I took his shoes~

Welcome Lodovico,

The newbie routine is as free as it gets. All you need is your hands and some lubrication. I suggest you start off easy and follow it for a 2-3 months and measure again after that.
Just a week or two into the program you will feel your dick is harder and fuller due to better blood circulation.

Good luck, be persistent and you are likely to see some gains after the newbie-routine period.
You have a nice unit to start with, but we always want more, right =)

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Welcome to the Forum Lodovico,

You need have no fears that you will have to pay for the free forums here.

There are ways of mechanically enlarging your unit, that is entirely up to you. But that decision need not worry you until, perhaps you want to do more ‘advanced’ routines. Naturally they have to be purchased, But you cannot purchase them from Thundersplace directly

There is plenty of free help and advice as you have already seen. If you have questions or would like somthing explained, you only have to post your question. and if someone can help, they will.

Good luck in your PE journey


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Welcome to TP’s Place Lodovico. I wish you luck with gains and goal. Please read around here especially the tread linked below. I wouldn’t use the term “small” for a “7.0 inches EL 5.8 inches EG” penis. In my opinion you’re big. You may need to work on more than just the size of your penis.

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Hey Lodovico!

Welcome to the forum. If you do this stuff slow and be persistent, you will find that it really works.

I wish you happy gains!

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Thanks for all the feed back guys

~I used to feel bad about having no shoes, until I met a man with no feet. So I took his shoes~


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