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Another Introduction but lots of questions too

Another Introduction but lots of questions too

Hello everyone.

I have been reading this forum for about 2 months now and have done a lot of reading.
I’m only looking to gain length(about 2 inches) and perhaps a little bit in girth(0.25 inches or so).

I had some questions I’d like to ask other members.

Have any of you that have been doing this for awhile noticed long term problems (after 6months to 1 year)?

When doing stretches I’m wondering what kind of feeling I should be looking for to know if I’m doing it correctly.
Where should I feel the stretch? Where I’m gripping around the shaft or at the base?

Also I’m a little concerned about how hard I’m gripping and if it’s cutting off circulation between the shaft and the head.

I know as a newbie you’re supposed to jelq and just be happy with any gains.

I’m currently at 6.3 BPEL and 5.75 EG.

I really want to avoid girth gains at all costs. Should I just stick to stretching?

So my problem has been the following:

When I jelq I try to go for a low erection level to go for length. Eventually my penis hardens and becomes more erect
Which I’ve been reading will result in girthier gains. I lately haven’t taken too much time to stop it and wait for my erection to
Subside. The reason for this is because I’m concerned that eventually the “warmup effect” will wear off with too much time
Resulting in injury as opposed to gains. If anyone could shed some light on this topic and help me out that would be great.

Also I’m concerned about the “baseball bat effect”. I’ve been jelqing at the NBPEL length, but should I be starting at the BPEL length?
Would this result in an hour-glass like penis shape eventually?

I’ve been PEing for about a week, so I understand that I may not have all the nuances down just yet.

Last question I have is about measuring.

My penis curves up quite a bit so I usually use a tape measure to measure my length as opposed to a ruler. Should I be using a ruler instead?
I feel in some ways it may underestimate my true length because it is not taking into account the arc length, but rather just the distance between
My base and the tip of my head. If my penis was straighter I think a ruler would be fine. Thank you

Thank you very much and I’m pleased to be able to join this forum.

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Also I started off doing 200-300 jelqs a day? Should I have started with less and gradually worked up to 200-300?

No long term problems at all if you PE correctly.

When stretching you should be feeling tension, or most of the stretch at the base. Try not to pull on your glans, but about 1/2-1 1/4inches above your glans.

Just jelq at about 50-60% erection. It will still target length pretty good while keeping the girth the same. Try getting your grip as much into the fatpad as possible. I wouldn’t worry about getting a baseball bat shape too much. If you are not gaining girth much then you probably won’t get the baseball bat shape.

Use a ruler, just straighten out your dick before you measure. Using a tape with an upward curve is not very effective.

Start out with 150-200 jelqs to start off with.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
It is 2am and I am drunk!

I will not attempt to answer your questions but will extent you a hearty welcome!

OK the magick is starting to wear off. Haven’t I already posted the above in this thread? Either way it is a good endorsement of why, whilst drunk at 2am, I not give PE advise!

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Originally Posted by justlearning
Also I’m concerned about the “baseball bat effect”. I’ve been jelqing at the NBPEL length, but should I be starting at the BPEL length?
Would this result in an hour-glass like penis shape eventually?

Welcome to the forum, I say you shouldn’t be worrying about things like this so early in your PE journey. Start at the Newbie routine and after your 3 months, see where things take you.

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