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Anonther new guy

Anonther new guy

Just started two weeks ago. Like most people I have very little private time. I have started a routine that is a combo of Jelking in the AM and PM and one hanging session in between. I have to say finding this forum has put new hope in my life. I always thought I had to live with being unsatisfied with my size. Well anyway I have already noticed some girth gain (Mostly FL) but I’ll take it. Any progress is progress. Is this the way it usually starts?

Every day's a new one!

Welcome wannabe8!

If you’ve only just started then you may be doing too much already! Be careful - it’s easy to get over enthusiastic and do too much too soon and end up with an injury.

Flaccid gains are sometimes an indication of things to come, but after PEing for only 2 weeks look upon it as potential growth. Flaccid gains are notorious for disappearing as quickly as they came! :( But keep at it - with perseverance real growth will occur!

Keep us posted!

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I Agree

As much as I would like to see gains right away I don’t want to hinder them by an injury. I’ve read a lot of posts and even thought it seems there are a lot of people testifying that they do these intense routines (Like the one I posted above) and make some gains in the first month, I’ve cut out the hanging for a while. Now I am trying to perfect my manual jelqing mixed with some milking/stretching during the day to promote blood flow. I don’t plan on sticking to any particular routine forever because I firmly believe that my body has a natural way of adapting to routine. Here is an example, I had a great gain in girth both flaccid and erect after my first week. It only lasted one day (During my weekend off from PE) I expected to see the same result on the following weekend but didn’t. The odd thing was during the first week I also was not jelqing properly, my strokes took 1 second instead of 3. I switched to 3-second strokes but felt like I never achieved a great workout. Since then I have been on a quest to find the right jeqing method that works for ME! I vary the time based on % of erection (Really just whatever feels like a better pump) Now at the end of my session I feel more pumped up.

Thanks for your reply and your support.

Isn’t if funny that I can chat with you guys about this but hide it from the rest of the world (including my wife.) Although I do feel that I have a wonderful secret, maybe even better than the fountain of youth!

Every day's a new one!


I am at the end of the 3rd week and my BPEL is .25 inches larger. I know this is true because I am 35 years old and in 20 years I’ve never measured larger than 6”

I’m stoked….I was worried that I would be the guy that saw no gains….Ill post all my stats later!

Every day's a new one!

As someone who burned out on jelqing I’ll tell you this - back off on your routine and get better rest. Twice a day is alot, unless it’s like 5-10 minutes a go, and then you still have to have adequate rest days.

Initial gains come for all but the most stubborn penises, so don’t get carried away and think you’re different. I don’t say that to beat you down, but I’d rather see you make steady progress than in a month see no gains (probably because you are overdoing it) and get discouraged and stop. That is what happened to me.

Wish you well and carry on!


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