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Angle of the dangle

Angle of the dangle

Folks, when my penis dangles (in its flaccid state), it doesn’t even come close to hanging straight down, unless it’s very warm and it’s totally relaxed. Most of the time, it’s kind of pointing around four o’clock. I think in part it’s because I’m thicker than most people, so gravity doesn’t have quite the same effect. The overall effect is that even though it is actually a pretty decent length, it looks shorter due to foreshortening.

I don’t really care about this fact, but sometimes when I’m in the locker room, I’m a little concerned that it might look kind of semi-erect, due to the angle. Not that I believe other guys are looking (at least, I hope not!). But I also don’t want to be one of those folks who change underneath a towel, like I’ve got something to hide. Does anyone else have a dick like mine?

And I just started jelqing a few days ago, using a very moderate routine. Will jelqing change the flaccid angle?

so are you saying straight down would be six o’clock? does it have anything to do with how your balls are hanging? I know when mine are sucked up higher it tends to force my penis up. If your penis is just hanging suspended I have no idea how it would do that.

I heard 2 main theories about penis angles.

First is your penis bends because of excessive masturbation, and depends on what hand you do it with.

Another i heard is during puberty, you penis grows too fast for the skin to grow striaght, and there ends up being more skin on one side than the other, making it bend.

Number 2 is for younger people.

I had the same problem as you, but I’m guessing the stretching helped that.

Yeah, when my nutsack is tighter (like in cold water) it pulls everything up, and when it’s more relaxed, everything dangles a little more. But even when it’s totally loose, my penis still doesn’t point straight down, unless it’s really, really loose, which is almost never the case.

My penis is not really ‘bent’; it’s mostly straight, though it hangs a little to the left because I stick it down the left leg of my trousers, and that’s also the hand I spank with. I was referring to the angle of attachment to the rest of my body.

You could have tight ligs which hold your penis higher. Test your LOT, and stretch straight down or BTC (between the cheeks).

Has anyone signifigantly changed the direction it hangs? I wouldn’t mind if mine went closer to straight down when flaccid, but I don’t mine’s changed much despite being much larger than pre-PE.

No, the odd thing is that my ligs aren’t actually tight at all. I did the LOT test and discovered that mine is around 7 o’clock. It just seems like the flesh near the base of my penis is always a little bit turgid, rather than totally flaccid, which keeps it from pointing straight down. I think I’ve been this way since puberty.


First of all; the guys in the locker room ARE looking. Fact.

Second; my dick is like yours. The flaccid angle tends to point out, up to about 4 o’clock sometimes. That is, unless it’s particularly fat and heavy, which is more often now that I’m PEing.

So. The answer is… keep PEing! :)


Originally Posted by ziggaman
First of all; the guys in the locker room ARE looking. Fact.

Crickey! Actually, sometimes I sneak a peak, and because I’ve seen other dudes with my condition, I’m not terribly concerned. But it’s also good to know that this is something that one might alter through PE.

I believe that if you had a hernia operation or something else down there (such as surgery due to retracted testicles), that could (would?) affect the angle at which your penis hangs. (Am I right on this?)

No, I haven’t had any operations down there (knock on wood). You gained half an inch in one month? I did PE for a few months a few years ago, but only got flaccid gains, which I was happy with. My erect gains were at most like one eighth or one quarter of an inch. I’m actually sceptical about the effect of PE on erect length, but I guess I shall be able to determine that for myself.

I was in the same situation, however this was due to a high LOT. Stretching and jelqs completely solved the problem.

Well, that’s because you’re in Oz, and gravity pulls upward there. Just kidding. The weird thing is, I think I have a low LOT. Maybe I’m mismeasuring it.

I have the same problem. I find that one reason is that by keeping my stomach muscles tight most of the time, to suck my gut in, I raise the angle of my hang. I need to reread the thread about LOT.

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