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Andropenis extender results.

Andropenis extender results.

I’m new to PE-ing and after reading I decided to get an extender.
I started using it on the first of februari this year and plan to take measurements on a monthly basis, I will post my progress here.
My starting size is 16cm NBPEL and 13cm EG measured at the base (I’m not familiar with inches, so if anyone can post them, please do).

My routine is three to four hours a day with a comfortable stretch which doesn’t require reassembling too often.
When it gets too comfortable (can it?) I will apply some extra rod-pieces.

I also take supplements containing Tribules Terrestris and L-Argine.

Has anyone been doing a similar thing and made improvements?

If you want to learn more about extenders, try this: :search:

Here is a thread that will help you with conversions: Inches and centimeters

Good luck, Lioncourt.

I know how a forum works.
I cannot search for the specific things I asked in my opening statement.

Therefore I’m hoping that someone can answer my rather specific question, that is: has anyone reached results using a similar way of using an extender.

I could spend a few hours of searching existing threads for such posts, which I in fact already did, but it is of no use.

The supplements you are using are good for penis health in general, but will not cause your penis to grow. So to me your question is basically whether others have gained after using an extender for about 4 hours a day. Even if others have gained as such, it will not be an indicator whether you will or not, since the variation in human penile physiology across the population varies so vastly, what works for one individual will not necessarily work for another.

The stretch from an extender should be on the borderline of discomfort, that is, you can wear it without constantly being aware of it, but such that it is applying a tension to your penis that is putting it in an elongated state. Extender instructions usually suggest users start at a very comfortable tension, and build up to the type of tension I described above over an ‘adjustment-period’ of about 3 to 4 weeks and that it is after that gains will begin to be seen after that initial adjustment phase.

Extender theory is pretty simple, the more you wear it everyday, the more you will gain. Just remember to take it off every 2 hours or so for a few minutes to give your dick a break.

Lioncourt, what are your results?

And, how was your experience?

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