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And where do we go from here.

And where do we go from here.

Hello everybody,

I have been doing PE for 2 months now, jelqing and manual stretching(and kegels, of course). I began with the newbie routine, 5 minutes stretching, 200 reps wet jelqing(3 second), 2 days on, 1 day off.

-At the end of one month I was up to 10 minutes stretching and 300 reps wet jelqing, 2 days on, one day off. I had gained 1/3 IN EG and 1/4 IN BPEL, and about an inch FS.

-Now, after the second month, I am up to 20 minutes stretching and 400 reps wet jelqing, 2 days on, one day off. I have gained an additional 1/4 IN BPEL, and about another one inch FS, but no gain in EG.

I would like advice as to what I should do to continue my gains, especially in EG, as I made no EG gains in the past month despite my increase in jelqing . I have considered the possibility that I may have ramped up too quickly and am overtraining(if there is another explaination to this situation, please let me know), and I have thought of a few ideas to remedy the situation;

-Start over with the newbie routine,
-Continue the same amount of jelqing and stretching, going 1 on 1 off, 1 on 2 off, or 2 on 2 off(or some other schedule).

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.


Trouble is there are two possibilities here.

You may just have overtrained in your desire to gain more. or you have reached the limit of what you can do with your present routine.

So I would suggest you take a weeks break from training and then try again to see if you can continue the gains . But it you don’t make much -if an, further gains, then try something like Pumping. You can do it in addition to the Newbie, as you are continuing to make gains in length. The pump should help with girth gains.

But start at a low Hg say Hg3 for ten minutes. .

Then I would suggest you come back and let us know how you got on

Good luck.


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Thanks petitfaun,

Would it be beneficial to go to a 1 on 1 off, 2 on 2 off, or 1 on 2 off routine if the gains do not continue?

What are your primary goals? Length, girth or both? If you are jelqing at 3 second stroke tempo, then your jelqing for 20 minutes correct? So, you are doing 40 minutes a day, basically, 5 days per week and you are 2 months into PE? Do you pre-warm, post warm, supplement for circulation? Are your jelq sessions just straight, wet, “ok” jelqs with a moderate grip?

In many instances, less is more. Why change your routine before you quit seeing gains? Always stay with a winning combination until your body attenuates. Then you can make “SMALL” tweaks to it to get back on the high road. The tendency to overtrain can wreck your faith in your PE quest and has caused many a newbie to scrap it all together. Newbie gains are often the quickest and most dramatic. Then it becomes a science of finding the right keys to unlock the next door to the next gain.

A little more information would be useful and then maybe we can gain more insight.

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Thanks Richard,

My goal is to get bigger-length, girth, flaccid(which I already see a big difference), everything. I also want to improve my overall sexual health. I am willing to do anything I possibly can.

Jelquing is now at 20 minutes, wet jelq with the “ok” grip, and stretching takes about 20 minutes(not counting the 30 seconds between each stretch). My routine is 2 on 1 off.

I think it is important to note that I am in Iraq right now, so that presents it’s own challenges;

-My supplements include a multivitamin, but nothing specific for circulation(kinda hard to get some specialty items out here).
-I do pre-warm and post warm. In addition, I will do a warm wrap at various times during the day if I get the opportunity/hot water availability.

I must admit I was disappointed to see the girth growth stop. But for the past 2 months I have awakened at 4AM(sometimes giving me only 4-5 hours of sleep) so that I can do these exercises. I am not going to give up now-if anything, it only strengthens my determination.

Thanks again for the help.

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Let me first say Damn are you dedicated!

Secondly, I think that, especially with a lack of sufficient rest, you are being a bit overzealous. That in itself speaks volumes about you as most people would have a hard time just doing day to day work in a combat theater, let alone PE to boot! I would cut the stretching back to 10 minutes, leave the jelqs at 10-20 minutes depending on feel, hold your grip at the glans every 20 strokes or so, grip at the base and pressure up the mid-shaft, hold this for 5 seconds and continue to jelq, make sure your glans is always pressure up for good form, don’t count strokes as it doesn’t need to be precise (not rocket science LOL), make sure you pre-warm before your routine. Keep taking the multi and go to an every other day schedule. Allow more recuperative time and rest as much as possible between PE days.

I have seen people have success with seperating exercise days as well. Girth one day, length the next PE day. Everyone is different, but if you start new growth, don’t deviate until that growth starts to taper off. “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”. And remember, newbies often see the greatest gains in the first few months, but it will eventually become more and more challenging to break plateaus as your body attenuates.

In regard to your position, I can relate, I’ve been there. I was in SWA as part of IMEF Anti-Terrorism/Counter Insurgency Team back in the early 90’s. I didn’t shower at all for the first 4-5 months in the bush. I commend you for your dedication. Keep your ass down and tell Hadji I said hi, one round at a time!

(The term Hadji is not a racial term meant to describe or offend Middle Eastern members. It is a term assigned to insurgent terrorist by our Reaper Team to the head wear that we liked to cross-hair and separate (based on the Johny Quest cartoon character) with no regard to land of origin, religion , race or creed)

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Wow! Nice to run into another member of Mother Green’s Killin’ Machine!( 0311 here myself :)

I have been resting for two days now-how much longer do you recommend I rest before continuing?


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