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And then it was gone.

And then it was gone.

I’ve never really had strong EQ, but in the past week my erections have completely disappeared. I’m only 20 so this is concerning. The only thing I’ve changed in my life is I have started biking. Could this have something to do with it? I am desperate to improve my EQ so if any of you have any tips please let me know. Also, what is this arginine I sometimes read about? Is there any natural way to increase blood flow down there? Thanks all

There are many articles regarding biking causing erecticle dysfunction. Just go a google search for it, but I am not sure that is your problem.

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Yeah, you are probably right. I’m going to try this arginine stuff and see what happens. I’m really hoping that it’s not veinal leakage though.

Same thing happened to me when I started biking a couple years ago. I’d suggest investing in a nice, anatomically correct seat and getting a professional bike fitting, it’s absolutely worth the investment if you’re going to be riding a lot. It made a world of difference for me.

Originally Posted by 4evamore
The only thing I’ve changed in my life is I have started biking. Could this have something to do with it?

The only thing is cycling? Is there a reason you’ve started doing it, and could that reason be causing you stress? As an avid cyclist I think it unlikely that there’s a physical cause for it if you’ve just started recently.

While it is possible that a poorly adjusted saddle could cause excessive pressure on the perenium you would likely notice other symptoms, such as numbness particularly *during* activity, and those I know of who have had problems had been cycling seriously for years before it became an issue.

Still, drop by your local bike shop and take the time to learn how to set things up — You’d be surprised how few people actually know how to set up and ride a bike properly. There’s more to it than just not falling off.

Ride hard & ride safe!

*You're in the right place – all the information you could ever need about PE is only a forum search away!*

Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

I think this might be something that is all in my head. I’ve started taking some of that NO2 boosting arginine supplements so we will see how that goes. I’ve also been smoking a lot of ganj but I don’t think that effects EQ from what I’ve read. I’d be willing to give it up though because I want to improve my EQ desperately

Biking and ganj is like penut butter and chocolate, it just works.

Good advice Mjolnir


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