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And so our story begins

And so our story begins

It’s a new year new me. So, I have known about Jelqing since I was 15 albeit I never put it into practice as it’s not something you think about at all being that age. I’m now 19 years old and due to me having a lot of time on my hands (no pun intended) I actually thought I would put it into practice. I’m currently at BPEL: 7.1” EG: 5.2”. I know, this is actually fairly good stats anyway but the bigger the better eh? After toying with certain exercise over the past months and with the help of reading certain threads like less is more, I have compiled a routine which I will increase weekly.
1. 5 minutes warm up (hot wrap, IR-lamp, etc)
2. 2 sets of 30-second manual stretching in all directions
3. 2 sets of 30 low-erection jelqs with a light squeezing pressure
4. 2 sets of 10 low-erection jelqs with 5 second kegel squeeze while holding head
5. 5 sets of full erection kegels hold 20 seconds
6. 5 minutes cool down while keeping the penis in a light stretch throughout the cool down process (I do this part while in the shower)
All in all this is less that under 30 minutes, which is convenient as I don’t think it raises too much suspicion with me being in the bathroom a while.

My only question is, I’ve noticed most people who have started PE are generally older, so they get gains they have lost over the years? Now I’m led to believe that natural growth all over the body can stop from up to the ages of 21-23, with me being 6ft 2” and having growing pains still in my knees, I believe I am still growing. I was wondering if with PE, I am more likely to cement the gains I made e.g. Say I made 1” gain and then I stopped PE, would I be more likely to keep length over a long period of time or not?

Interesting question. For which, unfortunately, I don’t think we have an answer. :)


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