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And so my PE journey begins .

And so my PE journey begins .

Hope it’s okay for me to post this here as I’m still limited re: sections I can create threads in but wanted to share this with you.

So I’ve read, read .. And read some more. As someone else touched on in another thread, at some point you have to go for it, dip your toe so-to-speak. So, I’ve gone for it. Now don’t get mad with me, I’m probably breaking some of the golden rules. I’ve ordered an extender. I won’t mention the brand as I don’t want to get ‘why did you buy that?’ replies :) suffice to say it’s one of the top 5 sellers. I’m going to try starting with extender alone and see how I go. Very low tension to begin with and very slow build up to try and minimize possible injury. I have plenty patience so, if extender alone works for me, I’m happy even if it takes longer. Obviously if I get x months in with not 1mm gain I’ll re-assess and maybe throw in some manual stuff.

I’m genuinely excited about starting on this journey and will hopefully have some gains to share with you as the weeks and months roll by. Does it make me a sad individual for being excited about this? Possibly but to be honest I don’t care!

My journey should begin in 2-3 days once the postman has been :)

Go for it man

Good luck

Thanks guys :)


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