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And I'm off

And I'm off

Hi Guys!

Newbie here! I’ve finally decided to try to start a serious PE program.

I’m very happy to be on the higher end of average, at 6.75 inches erect. But like most of us, I’m aiming for 8-9 inch erect. Why?

For myself.

I’m married, and don’t feel insecure in bed or anything. I just want to build my body into something grand, and that includes my penis.

I plan on starting with stretching, and move on to hanging. I also have a “secret weapon” that I hope will help with my gains. I’m going to use a Homedics home massager with IR heat to warm-up my penis, and continue to provide heat during the stretch/hanging. The model I’m using is the IR-600 and is designed to deliver IR directly to muscles. I’m hoping it will help with stretching.

I’ve tried using it on and off, even with out stretching, and have found I can easily apply heat directly (contact), for a good amount of time (I’ve used it for 30 mins at a time), with out hurting my skin or the like, and it gets my penis nice and toasty :) For those of you into increasing you flaccid state, I find it helps (I’m not terribly concerned about my flaccid state, and it varies with temp and such, so I can’t give you any accurate measurements, but it does seem to hang better). Plus my erections seem a little firmer.

Any, and all, help or encouragement is welcome!

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Hey Slack,

6.75 x 5.5

Hi Terri and welcome to Thunders.I have a con air hand held massager device that has a heat function on it.I’ve often wondered if it would help me in my PE at all.especially while hanging.I don’t know if vibrating the ligs and such would help them stretch,or cause them to contract.Any vets have any thoughts on this?


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