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Anatomy Question

Anatomy Question

Hey, all.

This is just a quick anatomy question which I’ve tried to find the answer to myself but couldn’t really find a clear answer.

When pull my flaccid penis out there is a ‘ligament’ or some sort of hard rod at the top of my dick from base to tip, which becomes very taut and stiff as I fully stretch out my dick. It’s the only hard thing in the flaccid state, everything else is mushy and spongy. I was just wanting to know what this is, because it feels very tight and restrictive and I feel like stretching it would be beneficial.

So anyone think they know what I’m talking about and/or how to stretch it the best?

You don’t really wanna know.:P
Most people seem to believe that it’s the ligament, but after looking through anatomy pictures,atlases and books I’m 90% sure it’s a dorsal vein, artery, and probably nerves.. Damn.. The thought that I tried to stretch it earlier gives me creeps now.;/

I really hope someone will kick in and correct me;) .

Yeah, I was pretty sure it wasn’t a ligament since from the anatomy pictures it looks like the two of those are on the sides of shaft, not on the top, but the thing I’m talking about seems pretty hard for a ‘vein’.

Just keep stretching, if you feel pain, stop!

In my dick the thing you’re talking about only gets “hard” when I stretch down. When I stretch straight out or up it’s pretty much soft, and not stressed. It definitely feels like a vein+artery+something to me.

I believe you are talking about what is known as the septum. Do a search on it. ;)

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

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