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Anal Pain


If the pain persist and become stronger, if you fell a constant push inside, like a baloon that is constantly inflate.. It will be best chances to be what in romanian is called “abces perianal” ( in english I suppose is called “perianal abscess”) and is solvable ONLY in hospital

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Have you been sticking things up there? Or being abducted by aliens?

Just kidding and hope you feel better.

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If there was blood during a bowel movement then internal hemorrhoids seems the likely culprit. Especially if you have had any recent dietary changes, maybe excessive amounts of protein or lack of fiber intake due to a meal plan that you’re on to complement a workout. Though regardless of what we all say here, a rectal exam or colonoscopy will be the best way to get a diagnosis.

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So… an increase in tension on your ADS has led to a feeling of tension felt along the penis, the perineum and reaching as far as the anus?

In other words, you have felt this directly as a result of your ADS use? Speaking of that, what kind of ADS are you using? How much force is being used (every day without a break)?

Since the pain started I assume you’ve stopped.

How long has the actual pain been going on? Over the course of it, do you feel like pain is subsiding, staying the same, or getting worse with time?

I’m asking as much to get you to try clearly assess this, and get it clear in your own head what’s going on with you. Sometimes the process of pinpointing the problem can be of help.

Also, should you end up going to a doctor you are going to have to answer some questions. If you think it’s embarrassing on the Internet, think about face to face with a doctor - one who will likely think the whole PE aspect is utter craziness. I would say not to worry about embarrassment, as it’s more important for you to get yourself right, but I realize that’s easy to say, harder to do.

Have you taken anything for this? Any over-the-counter painkillers, like Advil?

It’s certainly possible the blood came from the ADS, depending on what type it is and how much force you are using. I suppose it’s also possible that soreness is from something else and is merely coincidental to your ADS problems. But you seem to feel it’s directly linked.

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Well, I think that any pain is not a good thing. Although, I cannot imagine the tension needed by an ADS to force such a pull that your insides would hurt.

Try and back off a bit with the ADS, and see if it stops hurting, that’s the first step.

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If it’s right inside the butthole it’s either a hemmorhoid (sp?) or could be a fissure if you had a really nasty huge constipation type movement. If it’s deeper toward the middle I would mention your prostate. At any rate you should get a finger up there (water based lube if you got it, otherwise vaseline) and feel around. A Hemmorhoid will be a bump. Thrombosed (full of blood) will be a larger bump and painful. Try to pinpoint the pain. Let us know!


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Hemorroid on the inside?

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by mgus

Hemorroid on the inside?

Could well be.


Sounds like you have a prostrate that may be infected. Is the blood in your stool (feces) or in your semen (ejaculate)? The pain in your prostrate will do like the name sounds like it should do “Sit you up straight as an arrow like the arrow was shot up your ass”. I’ve had prostrate infections and like I told my wife after an orgasm one time. I can’t believe anything can hurt so good. The doctor is always a good bet when you’re passing blood from any organ or orifice. Going to the doctors is good advice.


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