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Anal breathing.....

Anal breathing.....

Can provide a detailed explanation of how to perform anal breathing. I’m having a hard time finding the right muscle group to clench. Just to be sure, its not the same as when you squeeze your ass cheeks together right? And if its not that is it anywhere close to that muscle group? They said its the muscles “under your tail bone”, if anyone can help with this Id really appreciate it.

As far as I know I breath from my mouth ;)

I think you mean kegels.

Try to stop yourself from peeing at the toilet, and practice that for a week or two to find the muscle group.


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Originally Posted by Nickleplate

Can provide a detailed explanation of how to perform anal breathing.

You mean farting?

Squeeze your sphincter muscles tight to perform a kegel.

Push out the sphincter muscles like you’re taking a dump to perform a reverse kegel.

I find reverse kegels are particularly useful during sex to get maximum engorgement. I use regular kegels more for PE.

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“Anal breathing” is something advocated or, perhaps, invented by Dr. Newman K. Lin. His page on it is here. Before you go there you should read this thread about what kind of doctor he is and what others think about his theories and techniques.

Do you mean ‘mouth to anal’ resusitation?

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Ahhhh…. Dr. Lin…he probably had to learn to breathe like that from having his head up his ass so much. :D

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