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An Outsiders Opinion few worries

An Outsiders Opinion few worries

Hey all, from reading the forum I’m sure this thread will be very annoying to alot of you as there are alot of new dudes asking the same questions etc..

Never the less, I started PE maybe 2 days ago and have a few queries that might help others if anyone has the time to answer .

There are about 1 million different routines and methods hangers pullers stretches etc and I’m starting to get worried as to if I’m using the right one?

I used the newbie routine for the first two times and it seemed pretty straight forward but then I cam across routines such as “Uli” and used that one if I change it up every few days will my growth get no where or is it a free for all type of thing?

Also from wat I’ve read on here after doing most of these exercises your penis is usually swollen or larger then it was when you started? But sometimes I find mine going straight back to this me doing things wrong or could it be because it’s really cold here??

Is method extremely important so soon.because I really don’t know wat I’m doing and can’t understand wat some people are saying.the videos won’t work for some reason so I’m stuck with improvising.does it usually take time to get the hang of things??

If anyone with experience can help me out as to how to get the ball rolling on growths or even little tips for all us newbies that would be great anything will be appreciated.


Welcome to thunders! The reason to start with the newbie routine is that there is less chance for injury. Other techniques such as ulis are better used when you no longer see gains from the newbie routine and need to escalate the pressure/intensity/duration. Thunders place is packed with info —> one of the rights of passage is reading through old posts.

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HI there!

Stick with the newbie routine for a minimum of 3 months as your penis is learning what is expected of it. Then add other exercises if you wish.

What you are experiencing is normal for most, some do swell (could be over training). Yes it takes time to get the hang (no pun intended) of things. One of our tech geeks (love you guys) can answer the question of why won’t my videos work, I don’t have the first clue about those.

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Have you tried downloading the videos? That should probably help. Just follow the newbie routine (modify it to your needs, not much though) for a few months. It is less intensive and will not harm your dick.Routine is very important, you will grow very little if you Pe now and then. IThe time it takes to get the hang of things depends on the individual. Personally after a week for me.

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Thanks aom91, sunshinekid and fourofakind you’ve made me feel alot better about this whole thing and just quickly is the newbie routine once a day or AM and PM?

I did every other day, sometimes two days. AM/PM would be to much and likely to cause over training.

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If you are having trouble getting the videos, PM me your email or something, and I can send you them. Like everyone already said, I highly recommend sticking with the Newbie Routine for ATLEAST 1.5 months. I myself am going to stick with it until I stop seeing gains… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Good luck!


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Thanks gimli ill pm my email right away preciate it guys.

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Video Feedback For anyone not able to easily download the videos, this should answer your problems.

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