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An open message to anyone who has been in this situation before...

An open message to anyone who has been in this situation before...

Well, let me begin. I used to post on this msg board a while back when i started Peing. Well, it used to take too much of my time and effort and then i stopped. Well, now i have lots more time on my hands, so i plan to start it all over again. Now, let me describe the shape of my penis, so you can get an idea of the challenges i am to face. Lets start on the top. The head is normal looking, but on the smaller side. As you come down the shaft, it tends to get a bit bigger at the centre of the penis, then as it goes down to the base, it gets smaller. Now, it is clear that i have a small penis. BP, it is 5.1 inches. Not much or grith at all. below 4 inches.
Well guys, i am getting desperate. CAn you please advice me on a good routine to follow, and maybe some supplements that could help me. I really want a good sized penis. My goal = 7x5. I know that seems a bit far, but as they say, shoot for the stars,and you will land on the moon. I feel the biggest problem is the uneven size of my penis. I feel it looks deformed, which is unpleasing. What about using a pump? Would that help?
I really hope that you can advice me here.

Thank you

Never underestimate a man. He may be slow, he may be weak and he may be an asshole but given the chance, he could put you to shame.

26/1/09 - BPEL - 5 inches, EG - Base 3.8 inches; mid shaft 4 inches

Just start with the most important newbie threads and start the newbie routine found there. There is a lot of info on the site, so if you want to know anything specific, just do a search or ask us.


Yeah, go with the newbie routine for awhile and see how you respond.

Your proportions may change during your PE career. For example, I initially gained more toward the head end of the shaft.

Hanging and stretching are commonly reported to increase girth at the base.

Measure your girth accurately now if you haven’t already. I keep track of base, midshaft and foreshaft (right behind the head) girth, and did from the beginning. This will allow you to monitor changes. Trust me, the eyes will deceive. :)

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