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An old-new routine

An old-new routine

I’m fairly new here. I have been jelging sporadically for a number of years, but not for girth gains but just penis health. I had been jelging for only five minutes at about 50% erect usually 2-3 times a week.

Now, I’m starting the newbee routine, but I don’t need any girth. (I’m already at 6” EG) However, I do want to concentrate on length. The question I have is should I up my jelging to ten min as stated in the newbee routine or leave it at five like I’ve done for years. I had been doing them at 1 second per stroke, I just slowed it down to 3 second strokes after seeing the recommendations of the jelging exercise on this site.

For the purposes of jelging that I’ve done to date has served me well, giving me a veiny, healthy, muscular looking penis. I’m just not sure that I want to increase the time of the exercise.

Stretching will help increase your length. As well, jelqing at low erection levels will also do it.

It won’t hurt to increase your jelqing from 5 to 10 minutes. I don’t see it harming you, as you’ve done it for a number of years now. It’s just a matter of whether you want to or not.

Just a thought but if you have been jelqing for years you might want to consider trying something else for length? like stretching.

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Originally Posted by MeLoco
Just a thought but if you have been jelqing for years you might want to consider trying something else for length? Like stretching.

I knew there was a reason I said I was starting out at the newbee routine. (Stretching for length) The question was should I bring my jelging up to newbee recommended time as well, or leave it alone for now.

Well why not? Its not as if it’s going to hurt you. You’ve been jelqing for a few years now. If your so seriously concerned about not gaining girth, then why not just concentrate entirely on length excercises than.

Hi neighbor from Missouri,

Chances are upping the jelq time and slowing them down to 3 seconds is not really going to pile on any un-needed girth. The way I read your situation, you would have to include some squeezes, etc. to get more girth.

Here is my suggestion:
When performing a jelq, concentrate on the stretch of it. This alone will slow it down without any un-needed attention. Just focus on the pull of a jelq and feel it. Adding basic stretching should help too.

Mr. Nine,

Thank you, that was helpful. I have been doing the basic stretches for about a week now. I was just concerned about the increase of jelg time, I think you answered that question well. Again thank you.

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