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An inch in a week and a half


An inch in a week and a half

I started doing pe about a week and a half ago. I’ve just been using the newbie routine. I like to do it in the shower where I can just let hot water run on it instead of using a hot wrap. A few months ago I measured in at about 6 inches from the skin, maybe even a little less, and didn’t know my girth. After only a few sessions I noticed there was a little more going on down there, so I pulled out a ruler and I was around 6 1/3 inches bpel! I’m pretty skinny, so there’s no substantial fat pad. My girth measured around 4 7/8 inches. After only a few more sessions, I did another measurement today and I was almost 7 inches bpel! My girth had risen by about a quarter inch, putting me a little of the 5 inch marker.

I’m wondering if this is all normal or.maybe I measured wrong? I don’t think I did tho..

It might be important to note that I’m also on a fairly intense weight lifting program so my testosterone levels are probably higher than normal.

Should I be proud? Consider myself lucky? Should I be cautious, or is this all fairly normal?

That’s why people use the bone-pressed (BPEL) measurement. It doesn’t lie. Press the ruler into the fat pad above until you hit the hard part, and measure that way. Measure the same way everytime and you won’t have to worry later or doubt your growth.

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I would have to say that an inch in a week and a half is definitely NOT normal. If it is actually accurate and not a measuring mistake then I would consider myself a very lucky man. But take electron’s advice and make sure you measure the exact same way every time. I’m not saying you haven’t gained but inconsistent measuring can sometimes be our best way to gain ;)

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OK, found one, sorry. :bigwink: Kind of freaky looking though. Looks like he just got punched in the side of the head.


Do you measure on the side or on the top cause I measure on the top and get one measurement and a different one on the side, I’m a little over weight would that make a difference.

Hey fightclub, Welcome to Thunder’s. Most guys measure on top. There are two measurement BP and NBP. You will find them defined Here. You might also want to take a peek in the Members Pics Forum to see first hand how others do it.

Start your journey through PE by reading the Newbie thread linked in my signature and the world will open up to you.


But like I said before. No matter how you measure. Make sure you do it consistently.


Atop.. definitely.

Measuring is known as “bellypressed” measurements around here :leftie: (<- another nice wink smiley)

Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
OK, found one, sorry. :bigwink: Kind of freaky looking though. Looks like he just got punched in the side of the head.


Welcome to the forum Jagwire. :) Glad to have you.

IMHO… It has to be a measuring mistake.

No one can grow an inch in only 10 or 11 days.

Its simply not possible.

It was some nice excitement though! ;)

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Do your stretch in the shower?

Originally Posted by JagWire
I like to do it in the shower where I can just let hot water run on it instead of using a hot wrap.

Is this OK?? I would like to do this since I am trying to keep my PE’ing a secret and it would look suspicious me taking a hot towel into the bathroom every night. People would be wondering what I’m up to (I like in a household of 5)

Some of it might be a measuring mistake, but it’s definitely bigger, I know it went up at least a half inch, and I’m pretty sure the girth went up a quarter inch. My theory is that since testosterone makes your genitals bigger anyway, the combination of intense weightlifting and pe set me up for some big newbie gains!

Yeah I stretch in the shower. I like it cause I can let hot water sort of drizzle down over the base while I stretch, and it help relax it a little.

I just measured at about 6 3/4. That’s a definite significant improvement, tho I can’t say exactly how much. Either way, I feel lucky to become a believer so quickly

If you really did get an error-free inch gain, then major congrats man! But yeah, just stick with BPEL so there is no confusion.

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