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An idea on jelqing

An idea on jelqing

So I thought I would share this idea I had, I wrote this on an other forum, feel free to share your thoughts on it.
No I didn’t make gains with this, I prefer squeezing exercises, and I have been out of the game for a while because of an “injury”. I still use it when I do UJs (Ultimate Jelqs, don’t know if you know about these, a member called rbi99 came up with them and they are very efficient at working on the CS).

Simple, efficient, an idea of the greats.
Or maybe not.
I guess many have done it without thoughts of creating a thread about it, so as I would like be the one who takes the credit in case it proves successful for anyone, I did .

I had the idea when my erection level subsided during a jelq set and I thought I didn’t want to stop to get it back up.
Here it goes, jelq as you would usually do, midway through the shaft add your second hand performing the same jelq, go very slowly , feel the added pressure, the squeeze.
That’s it.
If you want more intensity, play with your erection level, add your second hand before midshaft.
If you want less pressure.. Well you understood.
Glans (shaft as well) can get an insane work out with these.
Beware as it is very easy to overdo it.
You can use this technique to add time to your jelq set (add the second hand only when you think erection level is too low to jelq effectively).
You can use it on its own.
You can use it performing normal jelqs, UJs (the ones I do), and maybe V jelqs as well?
I find it to be a superb combination of squeeze and jelqs (ain’t I a brilliant seller here?)

A different way to play with this is to keep the first hand midshaft with an ok grip and jelq with the free hand toward the first grip.

Then get both moving at the same time or repeat the process on the second half of the shaft.

Easy and effective. Never thought about that.
Only thing missing is kegels when your grip is at the base and then squezze for the jelq. Can help with getting more blood to move.

Im jelqing rather freely and dependent on EQ too.
When my EQ is totally flaccid rather then worrying about how to get fuller I sometimes jelq to glans and then transition into a stretch(heli stretch all directions). While doing that I try to kegel some into the stretched shaft and when I succeed I trap it with the other hand and proceed.

Yes of course kegels here and there may help, I’m wary of overtraining the pelvic floor though.

That’s the thing, when your EL level is subsiding you can use this idea, or use it in the first place and it will increase intensity and will prevent EL from decreasing too quickly.

I posted this at pegym, it won’t hurt to post it here as well:

__________________________________________________ _____________

So a few months ago I was wandering around here, and , for the first time I saw Tntjockey mention “quality jelqs ” in a post.

For some reason these two words stuck to one another swiftly activated my brain (almost pulled it), and I wanted to figure out what the hell it could mean, how on earth I had never thought about it and why was the earth a flat triangle .

Well here is what I naturally did during the following sessions ( if you don’t jelq this way , I have voodoo dolls and knives aplenty):

_ Very focused . Pay attention to each rep, as opposed to think in terms of sets or time.

_ Pace: Do them as slow as you can, if I have a high erection level, I can make them last 20-30 seconds if not more.

_ Proper erection level, 60-80 % is ideal if you want girth (if you want length, well don’t focus on jelqing, even though some gained length from it).

_ Grip:

If you’re conditioned and looking for gains, use a tight grip (if you’re a beginner , don’t, there’s no need for it and it will lead to a negative result).

Focus the pressure on the sides, the ccs. I realized most of the pressure I applied (overhand grip) was lost in a parallel universe where my penis was much smaller. If you want to do specific work on the CS, have a look at rbi99’s Ultimate Jelqs (pegym).

_ Feel the blood moving, feel what is happening as your milking hand squeezes your shaft and very patiently moves upwards (hard on yet?).

_ Have a look at the OP, it is very useful to increase intensity when needed, and/or to continue jelqing for a bit longer when the erection level subsides.
Play with it, keep the first jelqing hand under the glans while the second one starts (rbi99’s tip), compress it towards the second one when it moves towards the glans etc..

These are easy principles, but if you give them a try (and you’re conditioned) , I have no doubt you’ll have a different view on jelqing, and hell maybe you’ll have gains too.

Later I finally saw the description of the man who changed my jelqing life, have a look, I’m sure you’ll find it inspiring (and similar).

tntjockey - Low repetition Jelq sessions

Instead of quality jelqs I call them moving squeezes.
I find the image is very clear and perfectly fits what you should feel .

There’s nothing new here, but jelqing in this manner does make a big difference to a session.

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Link doesn’t work Walter.

Memento to the rescue!

Thanks for letting me know .

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