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An assignment for the Vets

An assignment for the Vets

Hello it’s me again! Yes yes yes I know I am getting quite annoying but honestly I would love to know more about this and I want to make sure that what I’m doing is going to stay.

So that brings me to my assignment for Vets and good gainers.

If you haven’t done this yet. Try it out.

Don’t PE for a month and let us know what happens. Let us know if your gains are lost or if you gain more. For all you know you can be tearing your dick muscles constantly and never experience that extra edge of gain ( when bodybuilding or working out in order to build muscle you tear your muscle by pushing yourself and then protein fills the tears and rebuilds the muscle)

So if your willing to do this experiment tell me cause I will be keeping a scale of gains and loss. Well reply asap


I don’t get it.

It means search for your answers. This info is already out there I don’t think your gonna get a whole lot of vets chiming in but you might. Plus most gains don’t come over a month. Most aren’t really measurable after one month. Broken record “it doesn’t happen over night.” Alot of vets do take a month off after a good long stretch of PE. We know of the damage that happens when we PE. If you don’t understand that then you haven’t read one warning. Hangers take off to go back down in weight. And pumpers and clampers take off and do light jelqs for a month. Read everything before starting a new thread. I got scolded for that when I was new. But welcome 6inchsavior to the best forum on the net. READ THUNDER’S LIKE A BOOK !!!!!!! click on every thread that you see even if you don’t understand the title. for the next two weeks before you even make another post. READ READ READ. You must build your mind before building your dick.

You should search the forum, there are tons of posts concerning the subject you’re asking about.

However, to put things in context, I practically didn’t do any PE for almost 3 months about 1½ years ago, and I didn’t lose any gains. I practically gained 0.25” in length during that period, however strange that might sound :) .

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