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Amping up my routine

Amping up my routine

Just a post about how excited I am about my new routine. I’ve been PEing on and off for about 5 years, actively PEing since the summer. I feel like it’s finally time to shoot for some serious girth and length gains, as my conditioning is getting much better ( I had little fragile veins near the head of my cock that took a while to get used to the strain, but they’re much more resilient now though I continue to be careful).

My new routine is

8 minutes cable clamping
2 min rest
8 minutes pumping at 4
10 minutes cable clamping
2 min rest
10 minutes pumping at 5.

I may alternate with a manual stretching and clamping routine. The verdict is out on stretching, I’ve easily gained length in the past but it messes with my EQ at times. I may just hope to get some minor length gains from the pumping. At 7.75” BP length I don’t really need any more length, although it might be fun. I’m right at the posterior fornix with my girlfriend, another inch should have me hitting the culdesac, though I’m already bumping her poor cervix often in doggie style when I’m lazy with the angles (Shes not a fan, but when I get past and just brush against it she can’t get enough although I can only do this during certain times of the month). As far as girth I’m hovering between 5.5 and 5.75 cold, I don’t really measure girth though but rather go by how it feels in my hands.

I just did it the first time and I feel great. I’m probably going to avoid ejaculating when I usually do it, but this time I stroked a few times fresh out of the pump and it snuck up on me, Oh well, when I orgasm I hang lower anyway. Towards the end of the second pumping session I swear it looked like my cock was about 8.5” inside the pump.

This is by far the most intense routine I’ve attempted, wish me luck fellas.

Good luck. What kind of gains have you seen over your 5 years? What was your routine until now?

On and off since 2007

Started (October 2007) at: 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Last Did PE (March 2012) at: 6.00 BPEL x 5 EG

I really don’t know what my true gains have been in 5 years, I just know it’s bigger. Back when I was 17 I started jelqing, overdid it a few times. About 2 years ago I started jelqing again, got some length and some minor girth, but at the time I used to give myself some real favorable measurements, claiming 7.25 and 5.5 MSEG. In reality I was probably 7 BPEL and 5.4 MSEG. Today I consistently measure 7.75 BPEL and 5.5-5.6 MSEG, with BG approaching 6. Then over this past summer I started clamping/stretching/pumping. Again, I don’t know how much I’ve gained but I’ve ended up with a decently long fat cock so I’m happy with my gains, although I got “huge” comments before I ever started PEing. I did my routine again last night, will probably take tonight off.

Did my workout again tonight, it’s too much fun. Can a mod possibly move this to the progress report forum? I wasn’t planning on updating it after the initial post but I think it might be cool to keep track of this stuff.

My workout was great, I’ve really bought into Big Girtha’s suggestion to achieve more expansion every time. Some issues that arose tonight:

During my second pumping session, I managed to block off a vein halfway up the shaft and it was firm to the touch when I removed it from the tube (that dreaded “guitar string” feeling). I experienced no pain or even discomfort while pumping, and was able to massage the blockage out within 60 seconds. I think I need a larger cylinder to accomodate the amount of expansion I’ve been achieving. I’m currently using one that’s 2 inches in circumference, I believe a 2.25 inch cylinder might be better, but at the moment I can’t afford it. The one advantage of the skinny pump is that it will likely help my length, and other than slight tugs while clamping this is the only thing I’m doing that would seem to work length. My head also packs the tube as much as the base, which causes some uncomforable friction and minor loss of sensitivity, but I’m perfecting my hand technique during pumping to minimize the friction and today’s session was much less irritating than yesterdays.

Today rather than finish with pumping I added about a 2 minute clamp just to expand my erection to full capacity, then edged for 5 minutes or so.

I haven’t decided whether to do my routine again tomorrow, I will go by feel. By the way I’ve also begun soaking in a hot bath for 10 minutes before my routine, but I’m not sure I’ll continue this as I’ve heard hot baths lower your sperm production.

Last night I did my 4th night in a row. WOW is my cock feeling roughed up. I won’t be doing my routine for a week (I’ll be having sex on friday and saturday, need to have this big boy in prime fighting shape by then). Last night I really amped things up. On my second pumping I spent the last minute pumped to 7.5 in. My expansion is definitely at about 8.5” length during this. Today my cock is TIRED. Hanging nice and low but not a relaxed flaccid at all. It just feels worked in every angle. It’s going to be fun feeling it heal over the next few days to pristine fucking condition on Friday. The base of my cock is sore from the pump tube and the skin is incredibly sore from friction especially around the head. But in terms of veins and everything else it feels healthy, just very worked. I orgasmed after my last set last night, I won’t be coming again until my friday sex. I also wont be watching any porn to get resensitized to the female figure.

I think pumping to 7 was a mistake. I’m going to only approach 6 from now on.

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