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Amazed at the Ineptitude of Penis Surgery

Amazed at the Ineptitude of Penis Surgery

Do not get me wrong, I am actually quite pleased that surgical penis enlargement does not work. Once it does, then it will get really weird out there. Huge dicks will be very common place once penis surgery becomes perfected. It will be like breast enlargement surgery and it will be everywhere.

But still I am amazed at the butchering going on. There must be a better way to surgically enlarge the penis. Here is one idea for length:

Surgically insert a hard silicon cigar shaped object that would mirror the CC, you may need two that would run parallel the length of the penis. The object inserted would be semi rigid and be made up of two hollow pieces, one half is slightly small and fits inside the other half. When inserted, it would be at its smallest length but it would instantly added girth and give you a flaccid size very close to the same size of your erect length. Theoretically if you have 6.5 inch penis with 5” of shaft, you could insert 5” tube (collapsed). Then periodically the doctor would inject additional silicon or fluid into the tube causing it to expand (lengthwise). I would imagine a 5 inch tube could expand to 8” to 9” and still have strength and over lap. The doctor would add ‘X” amount of fluid every week to allow you to grow / accommodate the new size by injecting directly into the tube. Once the tube has reached maximum size, the fluid would be replaced with semi rigid silicon. You would still get erections and everything would work the same. The only “problem” is that you now have a very large flaccid cock of about 9” or 10”.

Thoughts or ideas?

Like everything involving the penis, sounds daaangerous. All those nerves, tissues, etc, sounds scary to me.

Furthermore, I think I’d be scared about closing my car door on my 10” flaccid, lol.

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