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Am new

Am new

Hi guys hows it going all, OK well odviously I’m here for the same reason as you all are I want a bigger dong!, but can I ask you all does it really work? Any was ill tell you what I am when I press it into the bone I’m 7.7 long when not pressed I’m 7 inches, what I’m really bothered about is my girth I wanna be thicker I’m 5.7 at the thickest and the going from the middle down but under my head, I’m only 5 inches thick so I was wondering if you guys could help me out on the technique sp* on how to basically make my self thicker, I know it’s takes ages so I’m looking to at least make sum gains in 12 months, I know all about nutrition as I’m now doing bodybuilding, I’m just a 150 pounder and 5,9 tall lol, any help from you guys would be great thanxs all and sorry for the bad spelling :)

Your schlong is already huge. Please do not make it any bigger. ;)

Listen j450n, there is tons of info here that nswers your question. Do searches and read the *New To PE thread in the FAQ.

This thread has a lot of general info, and something called the Newbie Routine, which is where everyone is recommended to start, no matter what your goals. Before specializing, you need to condition your cock for the work that is to come, just like bodybuilding! (That said, lots of people make gains from the newbie routine.)

*I think this thread should be renamed “Start Here”, btw. Or “You Must Read This, START HERE”… It says it is located at Thunder’s Place Free PE Forums > FAQ > Thunder’s Place FAQ >
Start Here, but the hyperlink is called “New To PE”…

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Welcome. You’ve got the kind of dick that can be made into a monster. The coveted 8X6 is just around the corner for you. Girth is easy. I usually always advise newbies to work length first because a thick dick is harder to stretch, but in your case you should concentrate solely on girth only routines once you get your newbie training over with. Don’t slack off on the Newbie routine just because you are starting with above average length. This two to three month conditioning period is very important because it conditions the penile tissues for the more intense girth work you will encounter later. I would say it is well within your reach to get to 8X6 in a year, maybe even less if you respond well to clamping. But don’t even think about clamping at this point, doing so will cost you.

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Another thing I was wondering is well I know a penis is not a msucle BUT I wonder if there is some kind of chemical we need to help it grow it’s like bodybuilding you can’t expect to grow unless you get 32g of protein a day so I wonder if you need a certain something special, suppose sounds a bit crazy oh well lol just an idea.

If you follow a body-builders’ diet you’re certainly eating just right for gains. If not, all that is required is a good, balanced diet. Lots of fruit (pineapple is a popular one), vegetables, free range meat, etc. This is for optimum growth, and is entirely theoretical. Another popular ‘supplement’ is plenty of H20. :)

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