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Am i too young to start?


Ok, here is what I was told to start with.

Originally Posted by brtecson
So, here’s a basic newcomer workout:

5 minutes warmup
10 minutes streching
5 minutes jelqing
5 minute warmdown

For warmup/down you can microwave a wet towel, microwave a sock full of rice, use a heat pad, whatever you like. I do the sock of rice, personally. Don’t burn yourself, just warm yourself. You would do that 3x/week to start out with, then work yourself up to 5s/week over a month. Also, you would probably increase to 20 minutes stretching and 10 minutes jelqing incrementally during that that time.


Grasp the shaft with your hand just below the head. DON’T GRAB THE TOP OF THE SHAFT OR THE HEAD. Pull it for a 25 second set, then let is rest for 5 seconds. Repeat with the other hand. Keep alternating hands. You should be pulling it in all different directions in your workouts during the first month. 2 sets downward, 2 sets outward, 2 sets right, 2 sets left, and 2 sets upward, then repeat, would be 10 minutes. You may want to increase the legnth of your sets, or do more sets, until you are doing 20 minutes per routine by the end of the month. Do not use lubrication for this exercise. You may want to use talc or baby powder as a “grip” agent. I personally don’t, but many people find powders like that to be helpful. If you feel pain by the end of your stretching routine, you’re doing it too hard. If you don’t feel fatigued at all, you’re not doing it hard enough. We are looking for fatgue after workouts, but neigher pain nor exhaustion.

Achieve and mantain a 60-70% erection. Lubricate your shaft with a water-based lubricant. Put both of your hands in the OK position, that is, make a circle with your pointer finger and your thumb. Open up this circle/ring of your pointer/thumb and put the base of your shaft in it. Put some pressure on your shaft with the “ring”. Start your stroke up the shaft, while keeping the pressure on your shaft, and engorging the shaft of the penis with blood. Go all the way up the shaft, and stop just before the head. Your strokes should be 3-5 seconds long. Release your hand and repeat with the other hand. Keep on alternating hands.

ive been reading some stats of various members (pun intended), and alot of ppl seam to be around 4.5 - 5 inches in girth.

Not having had many sexual partners, I was just wondering how big youd have to be to start worrying that you may not be able to have sex with some women because your girth is too great?

Originally Posted by sparingcrab4301

Not having had many sexual partners, I was just wondering how big youd have to be to start worrying that you may not be able to have sex with some women because your girth is too great?

It depends on the woman, obviously. There’s a huge variety of vaginas out there. That said, some women who post here have said that anything over 6.25” starts to take them from pleasure to pain. Of course, it is also possible, I have heard, for a woman to get “used to” larger girth over time.

The biggest drawback to having lots of girth is that it becomes harder and harder to find a woman who can fit your penis into her mouth. The jaws only open so far. Anal sex can be quite difficult as well, if you’re into that.

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I think the natural growth myth is BS, it stops much earlier than like 20 like some people say.

My natural growth stopped around 13yo, I was huge , now im just big.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Some people dont start properly till 13, think it varies alot

last summer i was 18 and i was 5 foot 7 for like 4 years before as well. this summer im 19 and now 6 foot 2 now my dick is just starting to grow! (i just hit puberty :/ ) … how many years does it naturally grow for? thanx

19 and puberty? Wtf!


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