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Am I still a newbie

Am I still a newbie

Hello to all and thank you for taking the type to read my thread. I have been PEing for about five months now, on and off. On and off meaning like three weeks of PE and because of my schedule sometimes three weeks off. That would probably be the reason I haven’t made any gains but after the third week I do start to feel more of a pumped Penis and of course I stop and loose me fullness. Anyways, I plan on getting on top of this PE stuff and making a dent this time. What I would like to know is if I have been doing the Newbie Routine for the five months on and off, am I still considered to be a newbie and should I continue with the newbie routine or move up to a more advanced routine. At this point I don’t feel any soreness when I PE but, I’m thinking I should wait until I see some gains from the newbie routine to move forward.

Thanks again and cheers,

Anthony Massi

I’d still suggest you follow the Newbie routine - you might want to experiment with a slightly harder grip when you jelq etc to see if you haven’t reached the level where you are actually getting a workout.

It seems to me that most people leave the Newbie routine earlier than they should because of an interest in experimenting, because they read about this awesome routine that some one else got “huge gains” from or because of boredom. The Newbie routine is not just for newbies, it is a well-rounded routine.

regards, mgus

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Thanks I’ll stick to it and I have read some threads on how to measure your PE over-training. I think I’ll stay with the newbie routine of a few weeks at least to get back in shape and maybe try the harder grip and stuff if my penis allows for it.

Anthony Massi


If you want a big dick, you need to be consistent and make PE a priority; otherwise it will take forever to make substantial gains. You need to stick to the newbie routine and obtain the newbie gains.


Thanks Deluxe.I think I learned the hard way, of waste hours of PEing with-out being consistent. I should have know better because I have been working out for 8/9 years now and the only way to grow is to keep on top of it every week.

Anthony Massi


I’ve been working out for over 25 years. As you know from working out that gains only come when you are consistent; however, there are times when a break is necessary for mental and physical recovery. Just remember PE takes time especially when growth is in fractions of an inch. I use the same mentality/motivation for my strength training as I do for PE.


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