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Am I on the right track

Am I on the right track

So I have a mild case of ED. It takes a bit of effort for me to get a good erection, and sustain that erection. I can get half erections, or “floppy” ones pretty easy, but the rock hard raging erections are hard to get, and I want to improve my penis health and erection quality. A quick background of how I got ED was I didn’t masturbate or have any sort of sexual contact for 3 years, and in turn that made my penis a bit smaller and weaker. I am 19 years old, and athletic, so this hurts my pride a bit, having this problem. Anyway, I tried “balooning” yesterday for the first time. [I use fleshlight btw for everything, can’t use my hand its too rough from my callous and hurts]. I did two sessions, the first I lasted 21 minutes but then accidentally fucked up and orgasmed. Then, 4 hours later, I tried again but messed up at the 12 minute mark. I was pretty pissed at how I messed up and then went to bed. It was almost unpredictable cause sometimes I would reach the PONR after 2-5 pumps, other times it would take me like 30+, completely random. OH, and I should mention, every time I reached the PONR and pulled out, I always do a reverse kegel and hard as I could, and hold it for a few seconds, then continue ballooning. Seems more productive than waiting pointlessly doing nothing. When I do the reverse kegel, my penis gets bigger in every way, and also feels super tight like my penis is metal, or something. I plan to do another 2 sessions today, both lasting 20 min each, and I’m gonna try not to accidentally orgasm on either one. So.. Is that enough for the day for a starter? When should I bump the time up? Or am I doing too much? I should add one last thing: had some weak morning wood today and my penis actually felt a bit sore, and fatigued. I’d love to hear your thoughts, being the experts you are! Thanks -Scott

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Start masturbating, ejaculating, and face the fact that this happens to almost every guy around that age. Why on earth did you abstain from masturbating youngin?

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Went through a very strict religious phase, as a coping method [something pretty bad happened and I had nothing else to turn to]. I realize now that it was stupid and pointless, and messed up alot of things in my life. So now I am trying to fix it all.

Well start by using paragraphs so I, along with everyone else on the forum don’t have to squint at a cluster of words. Welcome to the forum.

Anyway, everything that is happening is kind of normal, I went through very embarrassing years right around that age. Masturbate at least 2-3 times a week, you can’t go celibate at that age. Don’t stress yourself, you will be fine.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Well, I plan to aswell. Don’t wanna get blue balls, lol. But I do want to eventually gain some size in my penis. Not much, just maybe an inch. I am completely average for my ethnicity. I am white so I’m your run of the mill 6 1/2 incher, not sure about girth but I think it looks normal. I wanna get to be a little over 7, maybe 7 1/2, and perhaps gain some girth. All erect, I don’t care how my penis looks when flaccid.

My question is, if I do these two, 20 minute sessions of ballooning a day, will I gain any size? I know I’ll gain hardness, and overall penis health and functionality, but I am uncertain if it’ll actually make it any bigger.

Edit: I should also add I am very intimidated to any technique other than ballooning, as ballooning seems like the most natural. Stuff like clamping, jelqing really scares me.


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