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Am I obsessed

Am I obsessed

Well I read all the time about PE and penile health, lasting longer, doing better, etc. Now my girlfriend loves me no matter what supposedly. I am a little above average, I do well during sex as well. But! I still seem to feel so inadequate and like.. If I don’t continue to get better and possibly bigger then I am failing my girlfriend. What do you guys think? Also, her ex had a penis smaller than mine, but for some reason I am still worried that he was better, EVEN though I know I am better it is still in the back of my head. Very hard situation to explain does anyone ever get like this? Any response would be appreciated, tips, etc.


Just relax and take a look at how much your girl loves you and craves to have sex with you. Always keep looking at that. Then see PE and other stuff (learning about techniques, becoming multi orgasmic etc., whatever you choose) as a way to become better.

Becomming obsessed to a certain degree is what most of us PEers go through, heck it may help motivate you through the stale times, when you are not gaining. In fact, you may say that those who have developed a mild obsession were the ones who ended up gaining as opposed to the ones who did PE casually and claimed it didn’t work. Just don’t get carried away and end up hurting your penis (like a 9 hour clamping session! hehe).

Oh and do NOT do this for your girlfriend, you should PE for yourself. Afterall, you’re the one attached to your penis. PE should be a journey you make, and any women who come across your newly gained penis should be considered “the lucky ones”. If you PE for someone else, you end up feeling inadequate about YOURself- which can be unsettling.

Good luck, and we’re always here to help!

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