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Am I No Longer a Newbie

Am I No Longer a Newbie

Hey guys,
I am a recent lurker turned poster. I just wanted to get some advice on my situation, because I have stuck with essentially one of three lightweight routines (not exactly newbie routine but close) up until now and it looks like I have come to a halt with my gains. Some brief background for those who don’t know:

I began PEing October ‘06, primary due to ED, and went from about 5.5 BPEL 4.25 EG to 6.75 BPEL 4.75 EG. I then quit in January ‘07, only to return in December. I recovered some minor losses quickly. My first post to Thunder’s was a “why do we do this” thing, because I needed some motivation after what I thought was a slight injury. It turns out that was a positive PI as I gained another 1/8” in length after resting.

Well in retrospect, that might have been a discrepancy with the measurement and I suspect it wasn’t anything long term, because I continue to sit at about 6.75 rock hard BPEL (slightly higher since I do the straight measurement over the upward curve), and 4.6 EG. Sometimes I swing a 6.8 but I’d like to dismiss it as cheating. My long term goal is 7.5-8 x 5.5-6, but right now what I really want is to get over that hump into the big boys’ club of 7” plus: no bullshit, no cheating. Just a solid 7.

I’ve purposely avoided even bothering to read up on more advanced techniques in fear that I will rip my dick off, but after nearly two months of no gains, I’m wondering if I’ve finally earned my “main members” badge and should start looking into new and different things. Total, I’ve done about 5 months PE, with a 10 month break in between. I’d like to stick to manual techniques but I might be open to ADS or clamping and maaaaybe hanging. I’m one of those few whose BPFSL is less than his BPEL so I’m hesitant to step up the stretching by adding weight.

Basically the options would be to either a) increase duration of routine or PE more often, or b) intensify routine with harder workouts. I feel like I’d rather go for b) because I’m a “rester.” I go to the gym fairly often and find that I am stronger with a longer than average resting period. My friends might wait a week or so before working a muscle group again, but I find even longer works better for me. I suspect I should apply this to PE too.

I might wait another week or three before changing it up, because I may still be gaining some erect base girth, as I just measured it for the first time today at 5.25” which surprised me quite a bit, and also because last night was the first time I really felt like I had some serious jelq action.. Perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong all this time. I don’t know. It’s a bit of a wild goose chase at this point for me. Any thoughts?

Describe your PE workout.

Hey mrclyde,

Admittedly when I was doing initial research on PE, trying to figure out an alternative for Viagra at age 21, this site was a bit intimidating with the wealth of information provided, and I ended up using material from another (copyrighted) website instead. I’ve stuck with it because “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and I gained 1.25” from it. The site is entirely free though, so.. Am I allowed to post it? Just want to make sure. Either way there isn’t much new and different, mainly warm up, stretches, jelqs, and warm down.

Actually, I’ve found a few other posts that link to free sites so I’ll go ahead and add the link here:


I’ve been cycling all of these except the “Head Gain” routine as I see fit (every few weeks).

Cmon guys, surely SOMEONE has something on the tip of their tongue they’d like to share with me about this issue.

If you gained over and an inch in 5 months total of PE, those are remarkable gains. It also sounds like PE has been instrumental in overcoming ED. So I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. Gains always slow down after a while. Again, the fact you were able to get 1+ inches in newbie gains makes you among the fortunate few.

I will say that many people find that the best way to continue to eek out gains is by modifying their routine to be less intensive, i.e. lighter or less reps of jelqs, fewer stretches, more rest days, and keeping a close eye on PIs. Check out chronostone’s progress report Movin On Up for a good example of this less-is-more approach.

Good luck with your future gains. :up:

Thanks for the reply. I’m certainly happy with my gains so far, but I’d like to think that the sky is the limit with this and I want another inch eventually. It seems like some of the big gainers started PEing EXPECTING several inches in gains, only to become disheartened with the general consensus on the forums that most get around 1” or so.

Anyways, my question is basically what’s next? In a nutshell, it seems to me that the general prescription is to begin with the newbie routine (or a variation of it), and never, ever touch those advanced exercises until you are ready. After 5-6 months though, well, it seems like you are on your own. Is it basically a guess and check from here on out? Do I stay on the newbie stuff a bit longer or is it time to ramp it up? It seems like everyone carves his own way on here. The positive and negative PI thread seems to answer my question the most, but it is still a bit confusing, because I had what was a negative PI turned minor gain. Does that honestly mean I should PE until my balls ache again, indicating more growth?

I might be inclined to lighten up a bit as you’ve suggested, because while my erections/ejaculations are much improved, I’m not getting the serious morning wood I recall occurring during the glory newbie days last year. Either that or filter in different exercises without increasing the overall intensity.

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