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Am I Just Nuts or Is This Common

Am I Just Nuts or Is This Common

Here’s my quandry: It doesn’t take much research to figure out that at 7.75 BPEL (7.5 NPBEL) and a little over 5.5 around, I have a pretty big dick. The ruler tells me so. I’ve even had a guy mention it in the locker room. More than a few partners have told me so. Even just last weekend, I was watching porn with one of my fuck buddies and mentioned that one actor had an enormous cock. She was like “what od you mean, he’s probably abiout the same as you, only a bit thinner.”

The problem is that when I look at myself, it just doesn’t seem that big. In fact at times I feel downright small. Part of it might be the poor angle you get. Part of it might be that at 6’2” 205, the rest of me dwarfs it, but I still have an unsettled feeling.

Am I the only one with this kind of irrational self perception? I really wish I could get over it, as it is a really useless hang up.

I’m at your exact size, and I feel the same. Except if I sit down and kind of lean towards my dick when I have an erection, then it looks big :P.

I’m not saying that I feel small though, but I do feel “just” average.

It is true that what we see is not what everyone else sees. A member recently posted some pics here that I thought were huge. When he revealed his actual measurements he was smaller than me. I was so surprised I still go back and look at those pics and try to figure out how that is smaller than mine.

A few weeks ago I got into an argument with a guy I work out with. I bet him his arms were a good inch bigger than mine. When we measured it was MY arms that were almost an inch bigger than his. Go figure. I really did think he was a lot bigger than me, but the tape does not lie.

Post some pics of that 7.75 x 5.5 and see what kind of reaction you get from us!


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It is definatley the angle you see it from when you look down.. Look at it in the mirror, youll feel better.. I felt the same way that mine was too thin and come to realize I am an inch bigger in girth than average.

This is perfectly normal..
Or as someone else put it: Your dick was small when you were young (and learned the view). You grew up - increasing the distance between you and your growing dick - thus it didn’t look much larger to your eye.
Well the last part is my theory in “why does MY dick look so small from the old top-view?” .


I am about your size and I am much shorter (hight) than you. Still I get this “being small” feeling. I guess it has to hang down to my knee before I would think otherwise. Take a picture of yourself from a good angle, so when you feel “small”, just look at it.

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Like you probably saw here, it is common, and I can say I feel the same way as you do. I’m 6’6” 240, with 7.5 inches 5.5, pretty much same size as you. We have big unit, but the only thing is that we don’t know it.

Hey, guys,

Why can’t I have these kinds of problems ?? ;-).

Originally Posted by mrdstein
Hey, guys,

Why can’t I have these kinds of problems ?? ;-).

It’s not a problem really, more of a PE side effect resulting from paying too much attention to one’s dick. :)

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but I figure you could use the encouragement. It’s absolutely normal. I was doing my routine last night thinking the exact same thing. I am not near as big as you in length (close in girth), but I think we all perceive ourselves differently than others. It may be our physical point of view, but I think a lot has to do with visual deconditioning. We see ourselves everyday. Looking at ourselves can get pretty darn boring and start to put a negative influence on what we see. I agree that looking at yourself in the mirror can make a big difference in what you see, but there is a part of me that, even when getting that fresh perspective, wonders why I can’t be better than what I am. Some my call this self pity or a lack of self confidence. I call it….motivation!


Feels big and looks big are two highly different things.

I’m in the same boat though, I’m 8.75x5.75 and I still “feel” small, regardless of how big I can get. It’s such a weird thing, guys with really small vienna sausages think they’ve got a bratwurst hanging there, but guys like me think we’ve got so little there. I guess it’s a warped perception…we know how big we could be, so we perpetually think we’re too small or undersized, always think ourselves smaller than what we really are. I guess we’ll just have to go by what our partners tell us if we won’t believe ourselves. =)

I used to be in the same boat. Now I KNOW I’m huge, so my eyes don’t trick me anymore. It is all about telling yourself that you’re way above average, and not to worry about it. Then with time, you won’t even think like that anymore.

I wonder whether the human dick has shrunken in relation to overall body size in recent centuries.

Go to a museum and look at the clothes people wore in the 1600. They were much smaller than we are today! There’s no reason to think, however, that their penises were necessarily smaller. Perhaps our bodies have gotten bigger, while our units have stayed the same. While a 6” cock looked “proportional” to a 1600’s man, an 8” cock is needed to look as aesthetically pleasing on a 2000’s man.

Something tells me it would be tough to get data to confirm this theory.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I was just discussing this in chat. I still feel as if mine isn’t that big. It seems to be the mentality of PE er and why we are here in the first place. I think a good solution could be for someone to shoot pornos of you in action with all those nice close up shots so you can really compare to the porn guys :)

The other theory is that the nerves have not expanded or increased in size and perhaps it never will. Thus with a larger penis the sensation still feels the same hanging there or during intercourse. There should be a perceivable difference if feeling with your hands but it would mostly be noticed with girth.

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