Am I jelqing properly? New to PE

This is my second week jelqing and I was just wanted to clarify a few things I am not so sure about before I go on forward on this journey. I’ve read in many threads that you’re supposed to jelq with no more than a 50% erection, but I have also read in some threads that you’re supposed to do it with an erection of at least 70% (whatever that means). I usually just start out flaccid and after a few seconds my penis begins to get pumped but stays flexible. I’m following the newbie routine but I don’t do the amount of jelps it says you’re supposed to; I do not count how many I do but I know that I do less, but I increase the intensity (firm 4 sec jelqs). After I’m done with my exercises my penis stays almost completely flaccid but looking plumped, but after a few mins it goes down to normal. Is this how your penis is supposed to be after a jelqing session? And does intensity work better than the amount of jelqs you do? I wanna make sure that I am doing the right thing.