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Am I injured

Am I injured

Hello all. I discovered PE about two years ago, but could never commit to a routine until just recently. After about three or four sessions, I began noticing the dreaded hard/firm flaccid—usually while cold, in the shower, or standing up after sitting for a prolonged period. Perhaps to assuage my fears, I stupidly tried to convince myself that this was a positive PI. I read posts by other members who have also tried to reinterpret the firm flaccid as a positive or neutral PI, as all other PIs seemed to indicate proper training. I continued to do a light routine for a few more days, hoping that the firm flaccid would take care of itself. Needless to say, it hasn’t.

Now I’ve gotten a lot of mixed messages about this, and I just wanted get some much needed clarification. I have been pretty careful to warm up before each session, and I’ve never experienced any pain or discomfort in my region as a result of PE. My EQ has never been better, and there has been no measurable difference in my erect length or girth. When I don’t have the firm flaccid, my hang is noticeably larger than it was prior to PE (even after only a few sessions). I am also able to get and maintain erections at will. I consider myself lucky compared to some of the other men that have experienced the firm flaccid and report weak erections and a noticeable loss of size.

As a precaution, I have now stopped all forms of PE. I have also started taking ginkgo and l-arginine, and I’ve been applying heat to my region whenever possible throughout the day. Sometimes I feel like things are returning to normal down there, and other—more despondent—times, I’m convinced that my penis will never be the same.

My question is this: Am I injured? If I continue my treatment for another week or two without getting any better, may I resume a light PE routine? What about sex and masturbation? I also read that fowfers can help with my condition, but I am afraid I may aggravate the “injury.” Is this fear warranted? What about kegels?

Again, I have no pain and no problem getting aroused—just a hard flaccid sometimes that’s really starting to get on my nerves (mostly because it’s keeping me from PEing and ejaculating).

I know it’s been discussed time and time again on this and other forums, but I haven’t been able to find anything that addressed all of my concerns. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about the length of my first ever post. Thanks for reading!


I know how anxious you are - I would be too - but you may have to wait a day or so before someone who can give you good information responds. Sending a follow up less than half a day shows me how worried you are - relax, the people “in the know” will respond to you soon.

It doesn’t sound like it’s a serious problem to me - if you’re able to get and maintain erections, that’s a good sign. Since I really can’t help any more than this, I’ll say it again - relax, someone will help soon.

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No. You are not injured. You are carrying around more blood in your dick so it is firmer than before and doesn’t turtle as much.

Carry on with your routine.

I wouldn’t say you’re “injured” it’s more just fatigued and over stressed smooth muscle. Apply heat a couple of times a day and do no other form of PE until your flaccid softens up and feels full.

I often quite often get a similar condition, but it’s fully reverted after 1-2 days, which in my opinion is a short enough period to produce growth.

Perhaps I am

Perhaps I am a bit too anxious (that’s likely my biggest problem). I know I shouldn’t worry so much about my member, but I can’t really help it; I’m biologically programed to nurture and protect it. I don’t know how I ever let this happen in the first place.

No need to devalue the assistance you can provide. Any response would suffice. I was beginning to think that people like me were looked down upon as inept and overzealous newbies who didn’t take the proper precautions, and were therefore ignored. I feel much better now.

Originally Posted by curiousjo
No. You are not injured. You are carrying around more blood in your dick so it is firmer than before and doesn’t turtle as much.

Carry on with your routine.

I thought the same when I initially noticed that something was going on, which is why I did in fact carry on with my (albeit lighter) routine. However, I wouldn’t exactly say that it doesn’t turtle as much. In fact, the only time it really is firm is when it’s turtled. When I shake it out, it drops and becomes soft.

I am familiar with the healthier firmness of a plump penis, and I couldn’t say that my firm flaccid is plump by any means. It’s smaller and harder.


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