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Am I in the growth zone

Am I in the growth zone

Looking at the PI’s I’m very much in doubt as to whether I’m in the growth zone or overtraining and thought that some of you guys out there might be able to help :)

I’ve been doing PE for half a year consistently, but with different routines.

With the routine I’m doing now and for the last month I’ve had strong erections and the veins in my unit have become much more visible, however
I do not get random erections or night and morning wood. And the thing that makes me wonder if these 3 things are to be taken as a negative PI is
That I’ve never really experienced any of those 3 since I was 14 or something and now I’m 23.

It makes me wonder if there’s something basically wrong with me/ my unit and that I’m therefore not capable of gaining ?

Anyway my current routine, which is much lighter than what I have been doing before is as follows:

5 min warmup
5 min stretch
20-30 jelqs (slow quality jelqs)
100 kegels
5 min warmdown

As you can see there is little reason to think that I’m overtraining, but at the same time nothing has happened in the past with much more extensive programs either

How is your lifestyle besides PE?

I you mean my activity level I’m in the gym regularly and take the bike to college everyday :)

Routine wise it sounds like you are doing good with the strong erections and visible veins. Quite the light routine.
The thing that sticks out is what you already wrote, not having morning wood or random erections since the age of 14, maybe you should take a doctors appointment and take some tests to see if there is something physiological going on? Better to be on the sure and safe side. Just explain the predicament you got and take it from there.

Used to have problems with the morning wood and erection quality but that was always due to psychological issues and medicament’s. Now being 5 years older than you morning wood is a good friend of mine.

Sure somebody else will chip in soon as well, but the doc’s appointment seems like a must.

Are you on any medications?

This might also sound obvious but if you masturbate or have sex often it might affect morning wood.

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How much sleep do you normally get? I’ve found that when my body is on limited rest like 4-5 hours per night my random erections and morning wood go down and even disappear. Once I get more sleep they pick up.

I can even see my refractory period is all based upon how much recent rest I’ve had. Well rested, I can pop up five minutes after cumming and tired 10 minutes or never cause I’m too sleepy.

I love my wifes booty. And want to stuff it with the biggest pipe I can grow!

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I get plenty of sleep and in a good rhythm too. But I’ve actually experienced the opposite, that when I get little sleep (around or below 6h) I get random erections and get horny :-/ (but I also feel kinda sick because of the lack of sleep)

Yes I am on medication. But the medication I take is for ADHD and thus only stimulates dopamine and noradrenalin excretion which should stimulate libido as opposed to Serotonin stimulation in most antidepressants.

@Vikingwhore: How do I explain to my doctor, that I don’t get morning wood, but I don’t have any other erection problems? Wouldn’t he just say that there’s nothing to worry about, if I still get erections?
I really don’t feel like telling him that it’s a PI for PE I’m missing :)

Remember night & morning wood is only one of your PIs, look at the others like increasing in size and erection quality. It could be the medication too. Your stronger erections are a good PI.

Even with quality jelqs, 20-30 is pretty light. My hands get really tired doing quality (very hard) jelqs, I split it to two sessions a day to address that. Try getting a more consistent number, then adding more jelqs per week or session.

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Additional arousal after short-periods of sleep deprivation is normal and results from a buildup up of neurotransmitters otherwise recycled after a full night’s sleep. I would bet the medication you’re taking is vasoconstrictive - meaning that it constricts the flow of blood through your veins, increasing blood pressure and adding strain to the heart.

Your routine is light, however, I have experienced negative PI’s on routines of a similar intensity in the past - everyone is different. Unless I heavily over-train my erection is normally unaffected and my negative PI’s manifest as a thinner unit when fully erect, diminished flaccid size and the loss of night time erections.

How are your T levels? How much zinc do you consume? Are you overweight? etc

The medication is Bupropion. It seems that it raises blood pressure slightly, but I can’t seem to find anything on vasoconstriction.

I don’t know how my testosterone levels are. I take a multivitamin everyday, which should cover the daily amount of zinc. I’ve also started taking Horny Goat weed to see if it would do anything for me and the erections, but
Still no random nor night/morning wood.

I’ve also tried a routine with 50-100 jelqs and even a routine with 400 jelqs everyday, and still with no result. Someone in here suggested that I should take a decon break and start out with the 20-30 quality jelqs.

Oh and I’m not overweight at all :)

Hey.. Finally got night wood :)

I just masturbated for half and hour maybe without reaching climax and same night I woke up rock hard!

A question then.. I’ve read that masturbating could have a negative effect on growth, but if it had, would masturbating without orgasm count?

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