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Am I hurting myself

Am I hurting myself

Well I started PE like 2 weeks ago tomorrow and it’s going great..

Anyhow, I just wondered what I should look out for so I don’t hurt myself? I have pretty hard and long workouts but I’m really careful with what I’m doing so I don’t end up hurting myself or anything..

This is the second time I started using exercises like these, and the first time I overdid the stretches and got those burst capallaries (tiny red dots on the head of your penis) so I stopped for like 2-3 days until they disappered..

And this time I haven’t been feeling any pain at all and I’m already seeing a little bit of progress, but like I said I work long and hard and do NOT want to cause my dick any injury. The ONLY thing that I might have experienced this second time is a little bit of color change sometimes (a yellow toning), is that normal

Thank you all who take the time to help other people out.. Respect!

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There is a complete section in the members only area that deals with injuries & treatments. You can also use the “search” button in the upper right corner for more specific inquiries.

Good luck and good gains!

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If you are recieveing tiny red dots at the end of your penis, as you say you are, I suggest taking it down a notch.

I know this might sound odd, but I promise you, there is a certain point that you cross. If you cross that point, and keep going heavier on intensity it will cause more damage and less gain.

In the end it will take you a lot more time to grow your dick.

This being said, listen to your body, stop doing so much when you just started.

I do not know about you, but if I just started working out, I would not try to bench press 350 pounds…

Good Luck supperdupper.

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Hey supper,

Discoloration is a normal side effect of PE. I don’t know if I have ever seen “yellow toning”, but I guess it is possible. The burst capallaries are generally a sign of overworking. Some guys will tell you they are normal, but I have never gotten them and I have gained.

The best thing to do is to err on the side of caution. I’d rather “underwork” and stay injury free than overwork and have to keep taking injury breaks. Start small and work up as you can.


Good point there remek.. But you guys have any suggestions for a guy who wants to gain 0.55” in about 3 months?

For how long should I do the stretches? How long do YOU guys work out for.. Remember that I want to work right beneath my limit here so I’d love it if you guys didn’t recommend like 2-3 min for me right now.. Well I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now..

I wanna reach my first goal in like I said (3 months) and that would bump me up to 20 cm (7.88”) wich for me would work great.. And then I’m gonna take it from there and just see how much more I’d like to gain in the future..

Ty so much for your time guys.. It’s well appreciated!

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